Kayfabe A Wild Crazed Prince Appeared

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  1. *A video pops up on Youtube titled “Aleks Grayson at an RWK Live Event!”. A sharp click of the mouse causes the video to begin. The picture quality is above average and is filmed from the front row. The small arena is shown via a panning shot, revealing the rowdy crowd in attendance and the shot stops by focusing on a man in the ring. The man is in orange tights, with matching knee pads and boots. His hair is in a man bun and a thick beard covers his lower face. He has a mic in his hand and shortly acquaints his beard with the mic, speaking with a heavy English accent*

    Local Competitor: My name is Jackson Jacks and you all are lucky to be in my presence for I am the greatest professional wrestler on the planet!

    *Jacks walks around the ring arrogantly, nodding up and down*

    Jackson Jacks: And to prove it … I’ll take on anyone in the back. That’s right, anyone of those blowhard losers are welcome to step into this ring and fall at my feet

    *He strokes his beard*

    Jackson Jacks: In fact … I’ll make it a hardcore match, to help you out. So come on, I haven’t got all night!

    *Jackson throws the mic down and begins to warm up. He stops when the lights turn off, shrouding him and the fans in darkness*

    *The fans go nuts as the phone camera swiftly focuses on the stage, revealing two people standing in the spotlight, one man and one woman. Both people are wearing a black shirt with the text “Hardcore has a Prince” on it. The man is obviously in black trunks, along with scaly black knee pads and kick pads. His hands taped in boxing like fashion with “Good Night” sharpied across his right knuckles. He runs his left hand through his medium length hair and looks at the beautiful woman to his right. He motions to the ring, mouthing what we can only assume was something like “Shall we?”. She chuckles and flips her purple hair behind a shoulder as the man cups his hands over his mouth, yelling something. The lights then come back on, flashing red and white as the announcer does her job*

    Announcer: Introducing his opponent, accompanied by his wife, Jane Grayson, from Little Rock, Arkansas, weighing in at one hundred and ninety-five pounds, he is the “Crazed Prince” Aleks Graaaayyysooooon!

    *The two walk down to the ring, talking to each other along the way as Aleks begins warming up. They stop at the ring and the Crazed Prince takes a deep breath before slapping his face a couple of times before jolting into the ring. Jackson jumps backward at the sudden movement, watching his opponent as he circles the ring. Aleks then jumps out of the ring towards the phone camera, looking at him and his friends before holding up four fingers and saying “He’s gonna be one of them.” the friends cheer as he slides back into the ring, taking off his shirt and throwing it in the camera’s direction. The referee then motions at the two before the bell rings, officially starting the match. The mouse scans over the red time bar and skips ahead in the video. When the video loads it shows Aleks on the winning end, making Jackson Jacks feel the front of a steel chair across his back. He yells out in pain as Aleks is seen chuckling, watching Jacks roll out of the ring and onto the outside near Jane. Grayson rolls after him and picks him up off the ground. He then throws him into the metal barricade and then uses the barricade as leverage to stomp a proverbial “mud hole” in his chest. After nearly six stomps Jane taps her husband’s shoulder, causing him to look over at her. She says some words to him and he sighs, holding his hands up in defense as he steps away from Jackson. Aleks then picks him up by his trunks and throws him into the ring, causing him to roll across the canvas. As he makes his way to follow he notices a Carling can in the hand of a man. He walks over and leans on the barricade, talking to the man. A few seconds later the man hands over the drink and Aleks lightly bumps the man’s fist before casually walking up the steps and into the weapon coated ring. Jackson is squirming on the mat as Aleks sets up the previously used steel chair and sits down in it, crossing his right leg over his left knee. He sips the drink and shakes his head before holding it up and looking at it, a face of wonder*

    Aleks Grayson: Hmph ... Not bad

    *He downs the rest, tossing the can away as he stands. He looks at Jackson, who is now rising to his feet and puts on a devious smile. The Crazed Prince springs into action, picking up Jacks and throwing him into a corner. He then runs over to him, hitting a mean clothesline that sends Jackson’s head into the pad with force, then he quickly drags him into his grasp. Aleks picks the man up, draping him over his right shoulder and taking a few steps back. Aleks then rushes forward, tossing Jackson head first into the middle pad. Aleks slides head first under his legs as his opponent dizzily crumples into the floor. Grayson stands up and looks at Jackson, then at the setup chair, then back to Jackson. He looks at Jane who smirks a little before shrugging, clearly saying “What the hell?”. Aleks then goes to work, dragging the body of Jackson towards the chair and mounting his head face first on the cold steel. Grayson then runs towards the opposite side of the ring, using the ropes for momentum as he darts towards Jacks. As he gets close he leaps into the air and plants his right foot on the back of Jackson’s raised head, bringing all of his weight down on it. The force of the move and the impact of Jacks' head caused the steel to give, making a rather obvious dent. This was, of course, the AK-00 that put Jackson into unconsciousness. The fans cheered as it happened, some even chanting “Holy Shit!”. Jacks’ body rolled onto the mat limp and Aleks quickly made the cover and the fans joined in on the count*

    1! 2! 3!

    *The bell then rings and the theme of Aleks plays through the speakers. The camera shows Aleks roll out of the ring after getting his hand raised, into his wife’s company. She kisses him on the cheek as they celebrate their way towards the back, Aleks even accepting a gift from a fan. The video then ends, showing up recommend videos of other RWK matches*
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