a winter world cup in 2022

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  1. just seen on sky sports that blatter wants to move the world cup in qatar to during the winter as it'll be too hot in the summer with tempretures reaching 50 degrees celcius my main concern is that it will mess up the football season in europe as it will be right in the middle of it what everyones thoughts on this?
  2. That would surely f up a lot of seasons. I think the only countries not running seasons during the winter year are the Scandinavian ones, the baltics and Russia and its neighbours. Everyone else would be forced to have fairly long breaks in their seasons which could disrupt the flow of the season.
  3. Sucks. Don't host it in fucking Qatar if it forces disruptions in the most profitable football leagues, and most interesting leagues in the world, when countries like England - inventor of football - haven't had the world cup for nearly 50 years. Blatter needs to fucking retire already.
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  4. hes an immovable object ain't he no matter what happens he's still there he won't budge but i don't think i'd trust whoever took over as they will end up being as corrupt lol i get why they want to host it there though as football is getting a lot more popular there but england did deserve it though
  5. It's embarrassing that it's in Qatar anyway, I didn't even know they had a team now they are gonna be in the group stages? It's absolutely ridiculous and if it's held in winter everything will get fucked up, it's just asking for the league table to end up completely predictable, if a small club is on a good run (like Newcastle 2 seasons ago) they aren't gonna be able to stop playing for a month or so then carry on their great form after their best players are all knackered.

    How old is Blatter anyway?
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  6. I never wanted it to be in Qatar anyway and this makes me hate the fact that it is even more. It would disrupt to many footballing seasons for it to happen. The currently footballing schedule in England is wonderful and that shouldn't change.
  7. This. Fuck Qatar, so fucking dumb. Honestly what is the point of Qatar hosting?
  8. Damn just read that homosexuality is illegal in Qatar, sorry to Crayo if he wanted to check out the WC in 2022 :((
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  9. So the hotel suite I rented for us is useless now? FFS.

    I think Qatar are hosting because of a LOT of money (all be it paper money). There's tons of rumours they've paid FIFA big time to get it, and FIFA being one of the most corrupt companies around - or a proven corrupt company anyway - took that instantly. It could be a point of FIFA wanting to show how global football is, and give it to these other countries, as Africa had it last year. I understood Africa as it could and did do a lot of good, but countries like Qatar just don't fucking need it and shouldn't have it. There are so many better countries to have it in. When was the last American one?
  10. 1994, had monster crowds throughout. It should have been England in 18 and US in 22 but FIFA wanted to get cute (aka take bribes)
  11. oh and not only can you not be gay in Qatar, but apparently they have a no alcohol policy lmao. GREAT IDEA FIFA YOU FUCKING MORONS
  12. God I hate FIFA.

    The BPL dropped a reject-bomb all over them though:

    A Premier League spokesman said: "The Premier League position remains unchanged. The prospect of a winter World Cup is neither workable nor desirable for European domestic football."
  13. Some player is going to die playing in 135 degree heat and FIFA will be counting their money at the press conference like 'lol whoops our bad!"
  14. Even though you're kidding, the temperature is still FAR too hot for a tournament. The confederations cup in Brazil this year was even too hot. Since teams only have like 3-4 days of rest, they end up absolutely knackered. It's unplayable, or it's playable but not to the standards that a world cup should be. Teams who are used to that climate have a SIGNIFICANT advantage. Even though England wouldn't ever compete anyway, how are English players who are used to playing in like 8-10 degree weather meant to adjust to fucking Qatar weather where they're literally on the sun?

    Lame. Fuck FIFA. Fuck Seth. He should have stepped down after his pathetic comments on racism.
  15. No alcohol, LOL what a disaster.

    If Ireland make it in there'll be riots :lol1:
  16. Yeah the no alcohol one is interesting. Thats gonna be some interesting fan news footage all completely sober drinking water or tea haha.
  17. Really sucks. If they can't do it during summer because it'll take place in Qatar, fuck Qatar and play it in London for example!
  18. David Beckham threw up during the game due to the heat in 2006 and that was in Germany, can only imagine what will happen in Qatar. It just clearly isn't going to work, let the people who have a fucking clue run FIFA.
  19. Blatter is trying to make the BPL look like the bad guys now, even though it was their fault for picking a country that can reach insane amounts of heat in the summer for a world cup. For one, it's all common sense. If you reckon it'll be too hot, either pick a colder country or announce that Qatar would have to do it in the winter before hand. And then there's the fact that FIFA need to hire people who 1) know shit about the sport and 2) have a GCSE in Geography.

    Oh, and Qatar would pretty much hate on the gays and negate the use of alcohol. Yay.
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  20. I had found the inspiration to make a thread about this a few days ago, was planning to make it once I got home.

    For those of you who don't know I'm currently in Doha(capital of Qatar) atm and honestly, I don't think they could have chose a worse place in the entire world to host it. I passed a beach a few days ago, think it was around lunchtime, sun was shining, yet not one person was there. It was too warm for the LOCALS to sit out on a beach, could you imagine some pale white folks having to play football there? Sorry but it just isn't possible.

    Can anybody confirm if it may clash with Ramadan dates? My Grandad seems to think so, although I think he may have miscalculated. If that is the case though, then it would just get silly. Never mind alcohol, I can't drink water in public in case it offends them during it.

    Also, as has already been stated if they move it to winter, not only is it still gonna be bloody roasting, but it's also going to affect winter playing leagues for at least three seasons. It will require the majority of the European leagues having to completely reschedule their seasons, which is going to be an absolute nightmare. (From a Scottish football mark's perspective this could be great news, as it could mean the losers in charge of our game finally move the leagues to Summer!)

    But yeah, there's already murmurs of it being taken off of them, and I think it will have to be eventually. IMO it just takes one big country to threaten a boycott, and others will join and Fifa will be forced into action.

    It's a shame that a dozen guys getting offered boats is enough to completely mess up world football.
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