A Work horse beats a Race Horse

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Idiot #1, Jan 3, 2015.

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  1. Run this through you greymatter lads

    Orton is a work horse, he does what he says on the tin, at the end of the day. No flash, but he wrestles and does a good job

    Cena is a race horse, all flash and superficial.

    Think about life. I like a women to look good, but they are good work horses. There is nothing wrong with a women doing the ironing and flicking spuds in the sink, whilst the lads get pissed down the boozer listening to NIN. A work horse is always needed in life

    Which is why WWE are fucking up, by pushing Cena. Too superifical.

    At the end of the day, a work horse gets the job done, and puts food on the table, and a pint in a glass.
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  2. So Orton is like an obedient wife?
  3. well they both get the job done

    when a women brings in a brew and some biscuits in for the lads, it is a treat.

    when orton is wrestling on the box, it is another treat for the lads

    these work horses get the job done for the lads
  4. Great thread, full of things that can be discussed at great detail... Oh wait.

    Are you not bored yet Tgmi? Fucking hell.
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  5. you need to be more open to suggestion lad
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  6. I knew I was in for something special here. I'm not disappointed.
    Orton, after his face turn, was very entertaining. I trust that he will be more enjoyable than Cena when he returns, as Cena isn't enjoyable. But if we're looking at it from the company's perspective then Cena is just as much a workhorse as Orton.
  7. Cena relies on superfcal bollocks. he is like a jukebox spitting out frievrlous dance music instead of nin

    Orton works well where it counts, in the ring
  8. And in the kitchen it would seem
  9. nah

    I bet Orton puts his feet up, and his wife brings him brew and biscuits. Nothing wrong with that, at the end of the day.
  10. So if I ask Orton to make me a sandwich he will?
  11. no out turn on the box, and he will wrestle for your pleasure

    go home at night, and a woman will make you a brew for your pleasure
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  12. We know Orton >>>>> Cena even without this thread.
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  13. So Cena get's pissed down the boozer while Orton is flicking spuds in the sink? Interesting.
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  14. nah

    Cena is a race horse, all flash

    Orton is a work horse, who puts the hours in. Like a women who flicks spuds in the sink, and irons lads shirts.
  15. So that's exactly what I said. Orton flicks the spuds while Cena gets to go to the boozer.
  16. cena would not be welcome down my boozer lad. looks to fancy to be in a boozer anyway
  17. What's the name of your boozer?
  18. dont know

    just call it the boozer.
  19. You don't own the boozer, and who is saying he wouldn't get a pint across the street? Clearly if Orton is making dinner and doing the dishes, he has time to choose what boozer he sits at.
  20. lads like cena dont come into my local
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