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Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Apr 29, 2013.

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    Anyone interested? We have quite a lot of Fifa players here, and it'll be cool to have a tournament here.

    Current participants (maybe):

    • Crayo
    • Xanth
    • Taily
    • Jonathan
    • R Albin
    • AffectedViper
    • The Cole Train
    • LeBlond
    • Doph'sZiggler
    • Zach
    Group 1:

    Walter Jr (Cole)

    Group 2:

  2. How have I not heard of 2 people on that list?
  3. Newfag ^
  4. 11 people? wtf sort of format you using for this goon ass tourney
  5. Put me in you little prick nugget. I won't win but I'll play. Make each round out of 3, btw.
  6. Dunno yet, help me out. If we get enough, we can get a mini-group stage. Top 2 of groups go through into knock out stages etc.

    Sorry Zach, Xanth made the list and forgot you. Wtf is a prick nugget.
  7. Taily is Jonathan's irl mate, and LeBlond is Xanth's (yeah, Xanth has one irl mate).
  8. Too bad I don't have Fifa otherwise I totally would've joined this.
  9. inb4ragequit
  10. Depends on how bad I'm losing.
  11. hi guys i have fifa13 as well. anyone want to play?
  12. Crayo will play you later baby
  13. Yeah I'll play you. Xbox?
  14. got ps3 sadly. no one has ps3 here???
  15. Here or anywhere, literally you are the only one.
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  16. Yeah this is a strictly Xbox tournament.
  17. COT-DAMN i was looking forward to slaughtering y'alls asses
  18. I'll play. I'm bad but I'll join. Also Crayo want a game sometime today or tomorrow?