Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Saylor, Mar 1, 2013.

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  1. A WWEF Hub where we can share our videos so it can appear in a list type of format with the Author, video and rate. I'm sure Solidus or someone can code something like this.

    We can have something like a link in the NAV bar called "HUB" then have it go off to a page. Once it's there you can either click "Images" or "Videos" there you can have a system where you can upload a video there so others can see from the 'HUB' and another system where you can see images of house shows, divas, superstars, etc, etc.

  2. We had the video page before, it was restricted to YouTube and didn't work very well in the end.
  3. Hmm, maybe if the site can get enough funds for someone to code a custom one.
  4. It was a custom one.
  5. Oh right, thanks. Hmm, do you have any ideas? A feature like this would be great.
  6. I don't see the point as you can just create a thread on it.
  7. There should be one topic about a particular thing, for example: Mark Henry returns. But posting a video of a return is completely useless and can clog up the sections with new, fresh and latest content. Yes, you can post it in the original post, but people like to edit videos, post theme songs, custom videos, etc.
  8. You would post the video in the related thread talking about it.

    If people want to edit videos/post theme songs&custom videos they can create a thread called 'My Video Edits' or 'Theme Song Thread' etc.
  9. good idea would be awesome
  10. Wasn't really, it was X-Threads.
  11. :mad2: You said it was.
  12. No, I said I paid someone to use X-Threads to create us a video-gallery. But it's not really a custom thing, because anyone could use X-Threads to do it.
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