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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Nobody, Jul 15, 2014.

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  1. After sending myself singing the theme from girl meets world (terribly) to TNH, i've came up with an idea I think we all could enjoy. We will need someone who doens't mind spending a few hours mashing up our projects, but we don;t want dat kid's 200th video to have under 200 views, so who we choose is as important as the people who contribute.

    I think the WWEF members would get down entirely, so it might take more than one video for it, and views should not be the issue. Soli, myself, Zack's Morris, Deth, Cynthio, and FTJ are just a few members I would love to personally see contribute, and personally I would be happy to break us into teams to go with whomever contributes. This could honestly be fun as hell, especially with our staff. From CM Canadian to Shadow and the Jon Benet Bunch, to Crayo Soli and the Eurofags, to the Swedish Chef and the guy who know one knows is from Seab, Senhor EH, and the rest of the crew....to...

    Myself, Crayo Xanth, Dolph's finger and FTJ. Because we don't racially profile here Dat From Jersey Kid and Fatooq will head the brigade with Lady Deathbane, and Nero will get the channce to piss himself.

    Honestly though is the not a fun idea? Everyone but Deth is invited, even the southern bells like Crayj (south to me) GN, Testify and DOUGIE BUDDY! MICS BRO!?

    The LORD blessed Testify with an extra chromosome for a reason, you all know.

    Oh and the MP fags are all invited (TNH you should know my part in the video.
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  2. Woods Warriors could have it down, Canadians EH would be fun. Sure, none of us Americans have a cluse what the difference between Cornwall and Sutherland is, but we could honestly have a ton of cheap laughs.

    Can you imagine Crayo rocking lipstick with his shirt up singing All you need is love? I have. Honestly the WWEF community coul use a hand and why do we have the need to be jerks and tell new members/guests to take their hands out of their pants? Crayj can twerk (so can farooq) Shadow can be the boss, because he's the dirrt south boss, and Rain can stand 2 feet away pretending GN82 is
    doesn't give it up on the date.

    Sure, we will need editing but mpfags like TNH Nickeloden and my buddy DK James would be so down. The generational love of wwe, Kyle and Mikedawt aren't invited. Soli alone can pull down 30-40 views, what we need the most is FTJ. Dat Kid did you bring your MITB Lunchbox? We know it's the closest you will be to a winner. Jeff Shoke :pity2: would be a better winner. Who jobs in their own compuoy.
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  3. I don't know what the hell is going on, but sure.
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  4. im not an mpfag m8
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  5. Can I wear lipstick too?
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. yo here down south we don't have all this advanced technology, what's a mic y'all?

    yeah I seriously have no earthly idea what you are talking about, senhor aidsman. sounds like some inside jokes in the WWEF community/circle pit that I didn't notice from my post over in the corner watching you all with scorn-filled eyes.
  8. So from what I have deciphered, this is a huge orgy, right?
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  9. Yeah
  10. I'd be done for this whatever it is...It seems like your getting us to...Sing...Together.

    I've seen some people do it before and it sounds like a good idea...

    inb4 Frank demands he be the Main Eventer....It's bound to happen.
  11. Using my Aids-acan translator I think he wants us all to record ourselves singing a song or doing something funny, and then compiling that all into one video?
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  12. I think that's it.

    Aids, I'm gonna guess that it'll be something like this one:

  13. Oh I know what I'm singing then.

  14. I wasn't mentioned :phew:
  15. Break it down bitch, let me see you back it up.
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  17. I'm also down on using a different song. Spice girls and Chumbawamba are both reasonable as well.
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