A WWEF Universe Party

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by WarMachine, Jan 29, 2014.

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  1. Have you ever wondered what it would be like for all the members of this board to be together one night only for a party? Some things you would probably see at the party would be things like.........

    1. Dat Kid smoking something strong
    2. Danielson and Trip trying it on with all the ladies
    3. Crayo carrying Xanth home after a few too many
    4. Shadow and Sharpy showing each other some wrestling holds
    5. Britanica appearing out of nowhere after being gone so long
    6. GeekGoddess and GrammarNazi getting off with each other or another female
    7. deth having the lasses flocking around him and using what kayfabe is as a pick up line
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  2. :facepalm1:

    *gives the big :downer: face and shakes my head side-to-side in disapproving fashion and walks out the door of this little party of yours*
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  3. You would deliver all the bad news lol
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  4. the Truth or Dare fame would be damn funny
  5. Oh hell yes, and you will be my wingman.
  6. Jwab would probably get in on the Danielson/Trip thing after a while
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  7. Jwab and I would be dressed up in TMNT outfits.
  8. You could get Punk, Farooq or Stopspot in on that
  9. If you can't pick up a chick in a TMNT outfit, that isn't the chick for you. :emoji_wink:

    WarMachine, how do you know me so perfectly! :why: Even before #BNB that was always my role at the few parties I went to. except with less facts and more insults, haha.
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  10. Farooq would be the guy handing out taco's or doing stand-up.
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  11. Or, just maybe. She is exactly what I need.
  12. I would probably be like this
    So wasted that I go all Karate Kid on a fucking mattress or something
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  13. Hey that's my Marley song :tough:

    And I would be the guy hiding in a box inside the ladies bathroom
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  14. That's my alarm ring tone. Every morning Bob starts off my day. It's wicked freakin awesome.
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  15. Who wouldnt want to start the day off with Bob Marley tho?
  16. Trick Question! NO ONE!

    Or a rhetorical question, because EVERYONE would.
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