News AAA vs WWE over Mysterio

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Oct 6, 2014.

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    Anyone hear this news? Apparently Rey was backstage at a taping recently and word got out. WWE is apparently not happy about it seeing as he is still under contract with them due to the contract extension clause they envoked on Mysterio's contract. He has apparently stated he wants out of WWE. I say let him go. And forget that 'no appearances for 30 days' clause or whatever. Such a stupid rule. Maybe he needs to get a hold of ADR's lawyers.

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  3. OH I get it, typo. D'oh
  4. beat me to it :haha:
  5. this is DISRESPECTFUL to the WWE!! if you want to go elsewhere atleast finish your existing contract first!!!
  6. well, I mean I get WWE's side of this....being mad because of a potential contract breach....however, MYsterio is done....and he's not really doing much in the WWE, nor does he want too....keeping him for another 30 days makes no sense and wont' really profit for them any ways. Let him go....his time is past.
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  7. They aren't keeping him for 30 days. They are keeping him for as many days as he missed due to injury due to a clause in his contract.

    The 30 days thing is actually wrong. It's 90 days and it is the standard non compete clause in WWE contracts which prohibit leaving talent from appearing for any promotion with a TV, PPV or internet PPV deal for 90 days, or miss out on their downside pay (which they get for those 90 days).
  8. Oh I thought it was 30, so thats my bad. I'm not all up on the actual contract rules and regulations like some of you guys. Still a stupid ass clause IMO. But if they signed it I guess its up to them to live up to it.
  9. I understand why they have it. They don't want another Lex Luger working a WWF PPV on Sunday and debuting in WCW on Monday scenario.
    WWE isn't so stupid as to think that they are the only horse in the race despite having a chokehold on wrestling in the states.
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  10. I guess more than a couple of weeks seems excessive to me is all
  11. I'm glad to hear Mysterio is finally "retiring" from WWE since he's pretty much served out his usefulness there, but since he's barely on the show at all these days, nothing will really change for me.
  12. See this is my reasoning behind thinking that 90 day rule is so absurd. Do the fans really give a shit about Rey leaving? The majority - probably not. I suppose that rule could be a good thing in certain situations but in Rey's current standing - just let the guy go and allow him to work already.
  13. I find it weird considering Christian was allowed on TNA for a Hall Of Fame announcement, a US 'rival'. This is especially considering how inactive Rey Mysterio is at this point. Even at the point Christian appeared on TNA he was still somewhat active. Just WWE monopolising talent in a sense......
  14. Wasn't that because WWE and TNA cut a deal to allow Flair to get inducted in the WWE HOF with the horsemen?
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  15. Oh yeah, now I remember. Yeah, you're right lad. Dunno how I forget Flair got inducted with the horsemen...
  16. Vince and company are control freaks and always have been. It's especially absurd considering Rey is barely utilized on television as it is and they've supposedly been advising him to "hang 'em up" for a few years now. But this is just them not wanting another promotion to make money from performers they consider to be "their's" if they can't make any money from them either.

    There were rumors of ADR pushing an idea for Wrestlemania XXX (that never came to fruition) where he would face Rey Mysterio in a Hair vs Mask match. Imagine how huge that match would be in Mexico.
  17. I guess it depends on how big a name Rey would be in Mexico. He only spent 3 years in Mexico if his wikipedia is to be believed and was a midcard act. Granted his WWE run has made him a world wide megastar. But Mexico tends to be an entity within itself
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