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  1. What's your view on Abortion?
  2. oh lawd. inb4 it gets closed.

    I am pro-life. I don't give two shiney shites what any of you think. :tough:
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  3. 5 people including 2 mods completely decimated each other and the rating system, it never got closed why should this? Lol
  4. You'd be surprised. :woo1:
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  5. Well, most cientists consider the ending of life to be when the brain ceases to function. So, it's fair to assume that life only begins when the nervous system starts to get built on the fetus. Without it, then it's not life and it won't feel pain, so It's okay to abort it.
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  6. Damn you Snake! :angry:
  7. Depends. Totally unacceptable if it's between two people that made a baby on purpose, then you keep that kid. In terms of rape, divorce, abuse, or some other kind of unprepared pregnancy, it should be allowed but with limitations on the well-being of the person and so on.
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  8. Oh, yeah, The arguments I just presented are based solely on Cientific observation. To me that's the most fair way to treat the issue, seeing as if all laws were based on Cultural and Religious notions rather than Cientific and Ethic ones, I think things would get a little out of hand
  9. If you can't afford to raise a child... You shouldn't be having sex. :kitler:

    Come at me dislikes. :tough:
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  10. Well considering there's thousands of religions and the main 3 (Islam, Christianity and Judaism) have conflicting beliefs then of course it would be out of hand.
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  11. Condom's? Lol.
  12. Don't always work. My two little cousins are proof of that.

    So is Shadow.

  13. Shadow's sexy

    Well $5 for good and secure condom's sounds more appealing than thousands spent on child care.
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  14. I still think kids at the age of 12 should get something done, be it boys or girls, where pregnancy wont happen.
    Something that is 100% reversible and can be done when they are able to afford a child/or want one.

    :kitler: \_______/
  15. we should just make sex illegal
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  16. I don't want kids by the way. lolol
  17. Soooo, people should abdicate from sex because of the almost impossible odds of the condom breaking? Also, I would think most people who have a unwanted pregnancy(due to not wearing protection or getting condoms within shady circunstances) would just put the blame on the preservatives rather than themselves.

    And if you're really that suspicious of condoms, there are other contraceptive methods that would make it even harder to have a unwanted pregnancy
  18. People shouldn't have sex if they can't properly raise a human life. I give 0 craps what people think of my opinion. :kitler:
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  19. Sperm and the Female egg can't just regrow/reproduce after discontinuing. Never gonna happen IMO.
  20. That's human nature to be pleasured by female/male counterparts. Ever heard of masturbation addiction? so on...
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