About AJ'S Storyline And C M Punk

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by shrayan, Jul 14, 2012.

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  1. AJ recently kissed both C M Punk and Daniel Bryan. It looks like, as if the WWE is writing a storyline in which the viewers will get confused whether AJ likes Punk or D-Bry? Remember, AJ is also the guest referee, so we can't ignore that. What's your opinion on this storyline and also what'll be the fate of these three?


    It's nice and well-written , though WWE should get much better writers!!
  2. Kissing was so 3 weeks ago, bitch slapping is what's in.
  3. but the storyline is the same
  4. But bitch slapping is much more interesting. Plus, she's gonna fuck over someone, to find out, tune in on Money in the Bank.
  5. Definitely, AJ will dump both Punk AND Bryan. Plus she will laugh her lungs out at both Punk and Bryan for being such fools to buy all this--but that's what the storyline is,buddy!!
  6. Indeed, then she'll get a real man!!!
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  7. That, my friend, Farooq, remains to be seen.
  8. threesome live on air!
  9. Did you not know that WWE is the new Snog, Marry, Avoid?
    I bet she will probably screw them both over.
  10. Yeh I agree with that! :jericho:
  12. Boy oh boy ! Is this wrestling or a soap opera? Lol
    Would be cool if she dumped both and left with the rock lol after he does his pie eatting slogan lol

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  14. At the beggining of the storyline I was 100% sure that at MITB, she'd screw Punk and give Bryan the championship, now I'm in doubt. I still think that can happen but I'm not quite sure.
  15. That's the best thing about it Leo, it's so up in the air where anything could happen, it makes it a lot more interesting and will certainly make MITB worth watching, just to see who she actually sides with.
  16. It is a good thing. It's bad because I'm not sure if I'll win the prediction cup, but it ends up being good because I don't know what will happen. I still hope she screws Punk and gives DB the title though.
  17. I agree, I hope she screws Punk over too and gives DB the title as I'd actually like to see DB with the title, but then again I'm still obsessed with the thought of her ditching everyone for Cole :haha:
  18. I know you are. Just wait, while everyone's knocked out in the Raw MITB Cole will get the briefcase although he's not a champ, cash in, win the WWE title later and win AJ over too. The PPV ends with AJ taking his pants off in the middle of the ring, while the live audience gets a different dark main event.
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  19. :win::win::win::win::win::win::win::win::win::win::win::win::win::win::win::lol1::lol1::lol1::lol1::lol1::lol1::lol1::jeritroll::jeritroll:
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