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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Jun 15, 2014.

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  1. As everyone knows, Batista is expected to be back by the end of the Summer, and last night I had a sudden epiphany as to how his return could be booked:

    Remember Elimination Chamber 2010 when Cena won the WWE Championship in the chamber and then McMahon granted Batista a title shot right on the spot and he won the strap? I could see them pulling a similar stunt at Summerslam this year when Batista returns from hiatus. Say at Summerslam that Bryan wins the championship back from whoever has it, and then Hunter comes out and says that since he promised Batista a one-on-one WWE Championship shot, he thinks now is as good of a time as any to fulfill that promise. And so Batista's music hits after Bryan's match and he comes out and defeats a weakened Bryan to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. It's 2013 all over again.

    An alternate way of booking this is to wait it out till the Hell In A Cell PPV in October. Bryan is on spaghetti legs from competing inside the cell match and that's the perfect time to screw him over. But Summerslam is better since Batista's movie comes out in August and will still be fresh in people's minds, plus it could lead to some boss promos from Big Dave about how it feels just as good to be WWE World Heavyweight Champion as it does to be a movie star (especially if his movie is #1 at the box office opening weekend, in which case his promos could be structured to mention how great it feels to be #1 in both the movie industry as well as the world of WWE.) There's also the fact that Summerslam this year is in Los Angeles of all places (a.k.a. Hollywood), and it takes place at the Staples Center, home to where Batista won his first world championship back in 2005 at Wrestlemania 21. The fact that Hunter (the man Batista beat to win the title back then) would be at the center of it just brings it full circle even more.

    I know screwing Bryan over again at this point would be pretty repetitive (even if he wins the title back immediately after, which I assume he would, likely the very next month at Night Of Champions and then a successful title defense against Batista inside the cell in October), but that seems to be the guy's life story. Regardless, who else can see this happening?
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  3. I'm calling Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Batista probably at HIAC (assuming Bryan wins it back at SS and retains against former champ (Wyatt) at NoC). Hunter finally grants Batista the title match he has been moaning on about, on the condition that if he loses he must retire from WWE.

    Batista comes back around SummerSlam, wins a couple of big matches to help promote his movie and restore some credibility, and then puts Bryan over to finally call it a day. He has no fans left, he has no stamina/fitness. There's no reason why he shouldn't retire. One last run as a main-event player. As the match is nearing, he can become a bit babyface-ish with fans realising it's his last match. Works out best for all parties.
  4. Batista could win a US title match vs Sheamus and the crowd would boo him like the Ginger were DB bro. Nah if you do this, we don't get that sick Bray vs Cena deal you sold everyone. Batista vs Neck brace? Or Cena vs Bray for Bray to win the final battle and vs DB.
  5. Bootista can fuck off from the WWE-WHC, so can Cena. But I guess that's just too good to be true.

    I hate to say it, but everything Lockard wrote seems plausible. Either way, Bryan's screwed (ain't he always?!). Here's to hoping that Bryan holds on to the title(s) for a decent amount of time, before dropping it to shitty wrestlers like Bootista and Cena.
  6. Bryan might be screwed for now, but at least dude isn't a cubbie fan.

    He will be back on top by WM, it's not like SCSA didn't go through the same stuff, physical wrestlers who are over are going to stay over long term, it isn't like he is a vanilla midget with a soda tattoo who can't even do a dropkick. He will be fine, but there is literally 0 chance Batista ends up wearing a major belt in the entire time he is in WWE, unless it's next year when someone can cash in 5 minutes later.

    For now Cena > most options, because he will job to Bray if he does, Klock sold me on it. We know Sheamus and the other goons won't win, it's all about a fan favorite heel. Who else but Bray to drag the Smarks back in to have the smark crowd vs casual crowd. Literally I cannot think of a bigger pop the WWE could get right now than Bray (even though I have 0 idea why he cares about gold) vs Bryan at SS.
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  7. I agree with everything there.

    About Bray wanting the gold... Well, he said he was reborn... And if he does win the title, it'll be a good way for him to spread his message even more, being a face of the company and all, it's gonna mean more exposure.
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  8. Yeah, it's fairly obvious why Bray Wyatt would want the world championship. It would make him the "face of the company" for as long as he is the champion, and that's exactly what Bray wants - to be the centerpiece of WWE. That will make it easier for him to clutch the minds of the entire WWE Universe and proselytize all of them/us into his mode of thinking.
  9. Exactly.

    Rooting for Bray or Cesaro to win this thing.

    So, there are 2 spots left. I guess Cena will take one, can't really tell who's gonna pick the remaining spot..
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  11. Oh, shit. Totally forgot about mah boy, Roman Reigns. Somehow I always thought HHH would screw him out of the opportunity to compete at MITB. Now, I see the bigger picture... HHH's gonna screw Reigns in the WWE-WHC match in order to set up their rumored match at SummerSlam.
  12. Almost certainly. At Battleground, they'll either do Reigns/Rollins (assuming Ambrose/Rollins happens at MITB, which I don't see why it wouldn't... Rollins being in the MITB match would make no sense since it would create adversaries out of Rollins and Orton and also leave both Reigns and Ambrose with nothing to do) or Ambrose and Reigns/HHH and Rollins as a way of leading to Reigns/Hunter at Summerslam.
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  13. I should have typed Ambrose and Reigns/Orton and Rollins in that last sentence above instead of Triple H. :george:
  14. That's alright, I know what you meant.
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