About Damn Time (Ziggler promo)

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 16, 2012.

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  1. http://yfrog.com/msl6zxz

    Not sure why he's upside down. This was posted on his twitter, it's quite good.
  2. It's good, he's talking quite fast. But he doesn't really sound like a heel, does he? "Hardest working man on sports entertainment." That seems pretty faceish to me.
  3. He's trying to portray arrogance I think. If you think kayfabe, he's not the hardest working man, he's just some guy who tries and cheats to win so him pretending to be all noble = arrogance.
  4. Makes sense. I hope these idiots at Connecticut know what they're doing with this man.
  5. I really don't want a face turn, I just want him to split from Vickie, go on his own competing for titles and actually get mic time weekly to push his character onto the casuals.
  6. "About Damn Time" almost sounds like a new kind of catchphrase... If/when he finally does win the world title, expect a t-shirt to come out with that on it.
  7. I also don't want one. I want to see Swagger or Vickie costing him his title match and consequently starting a feud with Swagger. I want the same things you do.

    For sure.
  8. I already like his how damn good am I catch phrase. I can see that selling.
  9. Sorry, but Dolph has been World Heavyweight Champion before, even if it was for a day. Not to sound mean but I remember this very distinctly.
  10. That was a sham. Such a retarded storyline, while most of us remember, I'm sure we'd rather forget.
  11. he always talks fast that's his shtick
  12. Thats fucking epic seriously WWE has missed the boat pushing other talent when heres Dolph Ziggler who is clearly better and can take the company into the future
  13. He won't beat Sheamus! He already lost to him on Raw and Smackdown so why he thinks he will beat him now? Like CM Punk said on Smackdown yesterday he just talks a lot but can't win matches he just isn't very good.
  14. Because Sheamus is about as good in the ring as a sack of potatoes. Lol an Irish joke :burns:
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