Spoiler About Ryback at the PPV (Battleground?)

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Oct 7, 2013.

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  1. Ryback should of won damn it grrr are you fucking kidding me CM Punk wins from doing a low blow on Ryback this is a joke. Ryback needed that win to be taken seriously as the new Paul Heyman guy. Theres no where for Ryback to go now after that loss
  2. Where would a win have taken him? A prolonged feud with punk? His match with Punk wasn't even about the ryback. It was about Heyman and Punk.
  3. Don't worry you nutty crackhead. He'll get repackaged with a fisherman gimmick and get over!!! #BookItRusso
  4. It was bad enough Ryback got fed to Cena and i thought things were looking up for him as the new Paul Heyman guy but no WWE fuck up once again and make him lose to CM Punk. WTF does Ryback do now?
  5. "He'll get repackaged with a fisherman gimmick and get over!!!"

    Can you not read? I didn't realise Manchester's Education system was so poorly invested in...
  6. Yeah, you're right. Ryback certainly has nowhere to go now. Maybe he'll be replaced by someone like Bray Wyatt or Dean Ambrose in his top spot.
  7. This match was more about Heyman and Punk so a win for Ryback wouldn't have made much sense. I think to end this storyline will be a match between Punk and Lesnar.
  8. Ryback needed that win more than Punk. I know the idea here is that Punk is gonna knock off all the other Paul Heyman guys until Lesnar (the one Heyman guy to defeat him) reappears to destroy Punk but then loses to him as well the second go around, but seeing as how Ryback and Punk are clearly facing again at HIAC, Punk could have gotten his victory over Ryback there. Getting Ryback at least one big win would have meant something.

    I'm guessing that tonight, Ryback and Heyman will harp on the fact that Punk used an illegal maneuver (kick to the nuts) to help put Ryback away while ignoring their own dirty tactics.

  9. who fuckin care!? RYBACK FUCKIN SUCK! I glad he lose he a goldberg rip off! I could give too shit what that do with now as long as he not in the main event or wwe title hunt i ok with him losing!
  10. Oh God! Don't you think WWE would've fired him if he isn't a part of their future plans? Even tho we think he's a failure, WWE keeps putting him in matches against the bests in the company and that's why he's bound to lose. He should go step by step, maybe an IC title reign and then MITB winner, cashing in and getting a world title shot

  11. oh? u do know the ownly way to get over is to beat the main eventer right? he not going anyway if he loseis to ever main event he go up against! He not been fire b/c wwe like his gimmick and vince has been high on him since he skip s. guy! another reason he still around! he vinceis next guy not the fans next guy! other he would be were bryan is right now lol! just saying that get me a scary!
  12. As I said... He should go steo by step. Probably an IC title run and then a WWE or WH title reign, but coming to WWE and trying to be WWE champ and ME is so stupud that is bound to fail

  13. when he beat miz last year in a non title match when miz he had the IC I though he would feud with miz and win the title from but then a week later he was in the wwe title hunt that were that fuck him up but really don't care b/c i don't like him b/c he suck as wrestler!
  14. He doesn't suck as a wrestler, he just needs to learn some (a lot) new moves and his matches will be better. Anyways, when he was hunting the WWE title we all knew he was going to lose every single match he had for the title

  15. yes but he lose a other matchest not evneing the title dude! and he does suck wrestling same with his mic skill! outside of his musle this nothing that he has that make him good!

  16. That idea sucks

    And I am very well educated and Manchester has a good education system

    No fucking way Ryback is so much better than Bray/Dean they are not taking Ryback's spot
  17. ...or it helps extend their angle and gives us another (mediocre-good) match at HIAC. Kayfabe, learn it.
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  18. Is Ryback a Goldberg rip off given his new persona?

  20. I beg your pardon.
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