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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Lady Deathbane, Dec 13, 2012.

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  1. Click out now if you expected images of sluts because you probably won't care about this argument.

    So, I've literally stayed up this whole time because I just watched this video on Youtube and I've been arguing in these comments.

    Jenna (the girl in the video) is stating her opinion that sluts have less safety than regular women do. Not only in the sexual way such as STD's but also in the way of having sex and being completely vulnerable with someone you don't even know (one night stands). You don't know if that person is a psychotic killer or not. She also states that all sluts are "lonely and sad" and that "hooking up with a lot of dudes doesn't make you cool" and that "they'll feel better about themselves because they don't have a lot of partners".

    People are getting butt-hurt over this because they state that what females do with their bodies is their business. That just because they have a lot of sex doesn't mean they're lonely or sad, that because they like to have sex? doesn't mean they deserve to be degraded. Also stating that being judge for it is completely wrong. Different girls want to get different things from life.

    Other people are butt-hurt over this because they feel like she's being sexist. That Jenna is teaching her wide female demographic to "not get raped" instead of telling men to not rape. Feeling as though Jenna is perpetuating misogyny through this message.

    Anyone with a solid argument? It would be interesting to see @[Britanica] and @[Scarlette]'s opinions of this.
  2. Actually, I just realized this is probably way too mature of a topic to be here probably, so if it has to be deleted, sorry for posting about it in the first place. It was just a topic that interested me.
  3. It's fine here I think. I'll just leave it, it seems okay to me.

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    I've already seen this video and I agree with her to be honest.
  4. Well I'm going to start from scratch what I think about sluts.

    What I think sluts are, they are less secure about themselves. They feel as if they need to perform sexual activities to make up for their insecurity. People can say, "I can do what I want with my body" but is fucking every guy really the answer? Everyone is talented in someway outside of sex, since sex is a natural thing. Nobody wants to settle down with a slut, because they'll go after more men aside from their lover most likely. Sluts can be killers and whatnot, men are easily attracted to sex, whether we like to admit it or not, I'm sure most men would follow a girl who shows their breasts then stayed honor, which I said most men not all. Sluts sleep with men and are there when they sleep and are in their bedroom. That's to say they are doing normal stuff, some people do bondage sex which is bonding yourself to the bed, which means she can take her time and steal your stuff in front of you and kill you without a fight. If someone has a lot of sex they do have something they want to hide, I won't care about women sleeping with multiple men but that's not someone I want as a friend. I want children someday and I will not have them raised around someone like that.

    That's all I have for my input. Since this was all serious here's my randomness :finger: Canada.
  5. But that's exactly what the people are arguing about. Setting all obvious morality and religious issues aside, sluts is just simply defined as a female who has a lot of casual sex. They're saying why does that have such a negative connotation to it? Shouldn't women be just as entitled to the decision of how much sex they want just as men do without getting reprimanded for it? Just as I stated, not all sluts lack confidence or have deep insecurities about themselves, they just wanna' bang a lot of guys just as guys wanna bang a lot of girls. Why exactly is it so bad?
  6. Well that's the thing I think the same way for guys, if a guy has a lot of sex then he has something he is insecure about too. Why exactly is it bad, most people can't stop. Not all, just most. Marriages get ruined, and shit like that. Aside from that nothing really if they are careful with it. Slut shouldn't really be labeled just for women should be used for both sides, but men encourage men to do so, so a man fucking multiple women doesn't look bad as bad in the general eye then a female, which is completely unfair. Usually people though who sleep with a lot of people have insecurities. They feel they have to make it up with sex, although there are some that just like sex, but most of the time it's because of problems.
  7. I didn't watch the video, so I'm basing this on Jenn's post at the bottom.

    I'm like that before. Judging people because they were "slutty dressed" or "acting sluttily". I opened my eyes when I started dating the guy I'm dating now - people who knew about it just assumed and assumed. I lost some friends because they "found out I'm sleeping with him, that's why I got a perfect grade in his classes" and they're "gonna investigate to see if I did that method with my other subjects".

    About the topic, it doesn't mean that you're shielded against rape if you're nerdy. Rape is rape - if you didn't like to have sex with him and he continues to assault you sexually, that's rape. What you wore or what your sexual history is doesn't matter, he forced to have sex with her without her consent. I agree to the "not to get raped vs. teach men not to rape" line.
  8. People should do whatever the fuck they want. People will judge regardless, nothing you can do about it really.
  9. As long as people use safety precautions and don't have unwanted children, have sex all you want. It's a primal need, some people need it more than others due to their chemical makeup.
  10. Why is a woman who has tons of sex with multiple men considered a slut but a man who has tons of sex with multiple women considered great?

    Women have sex with a lot of partners for two reasons:
    1.)They want to be loved, and think the only way to get love is thru sex.
    2.) They just enjoy sex.

    You really can't tell which is which unless you personally know the woman. My cousin for example was raped by her father when she was a child. She began having sex at a very young age and started stripping at 17. She is now 23 years old, drinks heavily, and still strips, last I heard. She has had sex with possibly over 50 guys. When I last talked to her, it was over 30 men who she has been with and that was 3 years ago. 20 years old and she has already been with over 30 men. You know why she does this? She just wants to be loved and to her, sex is love. She was abused as a kid.

    Moral of the story... Not everyone wants to be a slut. Some women grew up thinking sex is the only form of love.
    Based on my experience, people always judge a book by their cover. Is you wear provocative clothing, most people will name you whore, slut, or some other vulgar word. I don't know why women dress a certain way or do certain things because I haven't walked in their shoes. I try my best not to judge because some people do things because they are hurting inside and most of the world would rather chalk it up to superficial reasoning.
  11. Thanks to everyone who replies. Those are all valid points.
  12. The only thing I can say is that I don't think it's fair guys are bigged up for sleeping around and women slated for it.
  13. Society. The same reason it's "normal" for women to cook and clean, but it's "camp" (or feminine, or "gay") for men to do it.

    On-topic: "Slut" is a very undefined word. Do I consider girls who have had one night stands (or multiple one night stands) "slutty"? No, as long as they are safe and single they can do as they please. Do I consider girls who CONSTANTLY have one night stands and are sometimes not single, and never safe, sluts? Yes, I do. My definition of a "slut" is where a girl has no morals, self-respect and no maturity. Most of the time I do believe they are psychologically damaged and need help, instead of simply being labelled as a no-good whore.

    But to be honest, there is too much grey area around this subject. It all depends on the girl, how much you know her, what her reasons behind these activities are, but if you generalise it a LOT then I believe in what I have just stated.
  14. Here's my argument...

    I watched this and was crying with laughter because everything she says is correct.

  15. Slut:
    A slovenly or promiscuous woman.
    Slovenly:(esp. of a person or their appearance) Messy and dirty. (esp. of a person or action) Careless; excessively casual.
    Promiscuous: 1. Having casual sexual relations frequently with different partners; indiscriminate in the choice of sexual partners.
    2. Lacking standards of selection; indiscriminate.
    3. Casual; random.
    4. Consisting of diverse, unrelated parts or individuals; confused

    So basically a slut = a woman who will sleep with just about anyone and has no moral standard, who is dirty and careless.
  16. If a dude sleeps around I consider him a complete sleaze bag and I wouldn't touch him with a 12 foot pole. :nope:
  17. Thats how I see it. But other guys are like "oh ur so cool blah blah blah" pis**s me off.
  18. Females who sleep around are classed as sluts.
    Males who sleep around are given a high five.

    I believe this is his point, which is right.


    I don't have a problem with sluts to be honest. At the end of the day, it's their life and they can live it how they want too. I wouldn't sleep with them without protection if they had a 'reputation' so it really makes no odds to me.
  19. It's not right though it's bulls**t guys who sleep around are usually immature douche bags with no sense of self esteem. (I know one)
  20. Yeah they call them "lady's man", like OH PLEASE! :gtfo:
    You are a male slut! I remember when I was younger this group of guys used woman to add "notches" to their "belts"... Like wth! They were playing a game to see who can bang the most girls... But if a group of girls did that, they would call them whores and sluts.
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