Elimination Chamber About the stipulation to the Chamber match...

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Snowman, Feb 12, 2013.

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  1. Was just thinking... Heyman set it up, so does he have a master plan? After 15 minutes of solid-to-unspectacular action, the Shield run in and attack Punk. Punk wins by DQ therefore getting the title and setting up a WM triple threat. It'll set Dwayne's character over the edge and that's when he's at his best, while Punk gets to claim "Oh, if the Shield were really working for Heyman, why would they attack me?" while delusionally claiming he never lost the belt, as all this sends McMahon into a rampage which helps Lesnar/HHH and whatever the Shield do.

    Anyone think this is possible? Please say yes.
  2. Anything is possible, but I don't personally see the point of Rocky wrestling at WM without putting someone over for his title. Knowing he won't be around after the fact.
  3. Heard people mentioning it. However, I'm not really sure that they'd go through all of this work to make Rock the champ to give him a one-month reign. It's possible, but I wouldn't bet on it.
  4. I think they put in the stipulation to make people think Punk is realistically winning the belt back but in a way that doesn't involve having to cheat his way to a pin fall victory. I doubt they'd give The Rock the belt just to drop it back to Punk three weeks later. After Punk stole the belt on Raw, it's obvious to me now that Rock is winning this Sunday, taking his belt back as a way of further saying "this belt does indeed belong to me, not you."
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  5. To be honest, I don't think Heyman screwing Punk is an idea that's unbelievable. It can very much happen because of that stipulation in my opinion.
  6. My mind is telling me no, but my body...my body!!! It's telling me yes.
  7. Welll, I think it's better, maybe someone appears and attack Rocky and Punk would win so in WrestleMania 29 we'll watch a triple threat match
  8. The question is, why would they add this stipulatin if Rock was going to retain? To show how powerful he is that even with the odds against him he can still win?
    I see it as a way to get the title off Rock and back to Punk to setup a triple threat at Mania, whilst also keeping Rock look strong.

    Where this leaves Taker IDK.
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  9. It's possible, but I don't think they'll have Punk as champ for mania. I'm expecting Maddox to ref this match btw
  10. maybe sheild come out but taker stops them starting a taker/punk feud
  11. To make people think Punk winning the belt back is more plausible. Stealing the belt pretty much sealed the deal that he's still losing.
  12. This has anyone taken the belt and actually won it? Ziggler did it and lost at RR, Jericho did it and lost at ER as two examples.

    I'd rather see Brock running in and attacking Rock setting up Punk / Lesnar tbh. That match has been in my head for a while and it doesn't go away.
  13. Someone posted an after raw segment from this past week. It had sandow and rock. The rock gives him the rock bottom and walks back and Cena comes out and they have a little faceoff. I fully expect Rock to retain, but not sure how.
  14. Cena comes out and throws Rock back into the ring?
  15. No, Rock is headed to the back, Cena comes out before Rock reaches backstage, and they stare at eachother for a short while. I'm sure it means nothing but that's the match I expect at Mania.
  16. I said that in reference to you now knowing how he will retain.
  17. I'm still not following, "cena comes out and throws Rock back in the ring"? That's how Rock retains?
  18. I think he means for this Sunday at EC Cena hits Rock, thus Rock retains
  19. Both of you are wrong. This Sunday the stip is that if Rock gets counted out or DQ'd Punk gets the belt.
    Thus I see a spot were Rock is out of the ring, probably injured (put through announce table, stairs or similar) and about to get counted out. Cena comes out and throws Rock into the ring, saving him. Rock then hulks up and beats Punk to retain. Thus Cena gets his rematch with the Rock at mania and screws Punk which sets up the continuation of Cena/Punk down the road.
  20. Oh, that might actually work. Becuase it's hard to work around that stipulation. At one point, I expect a knocked out referee, and chaos.
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