Spoiler ABSENT SUPERSTAR is back!!

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  1. Rey Mysterio is back!!! any thoughts? What kind of run do you think he will have? Contend for any titles, or just filler material? Personally, I hope he getrs a big push and becomes a main eventer.
  2. Maybe one last good run for the WHC.
  3. I didn't even mark tbh. He's come and gone so many times he's just lost his lustre as far as I'm concerned. Don't see a point in giving him WHC opportunities when there are guys who deserve it way more, that still need to be made into main eventers. His role now should be to put those guys over.
  4. Let him give his rub to some youngster and then let him ride into the sunset or let him manage a young lucha protege. Like Senhor said, he gets injured so often and returns so often that it has lost its luster. Especially since he cannot perform at his old level.
  5. His return was a bit underwhelming after that insane 6v6. Have Rey bow out at WM30.
  6. LordsofPain.

    Oh Rey.... :jericho:
  7. Just retire -.-
  8. I remember when i loved him in WCW. this is at least 15 years, and so many injuries later. I hope he jobs to Hunico but there is 0 chance that happens.
  9. Remember Rey is the new Nash....he does anything his knee blows out
  10. I was thinking he was going to get hurt. Sounds like I was right. I'm still thinking he should wrestle one more match TOPS, at WM to put over a new luchador.
  11. I didn't really expect it to tell ya the truth. I'm happier than I thought I'd be.
  12. I still think he is one of the best ever, and even though he has become prone to injury I think If he takes care, he can still have one last great run.
  13. Honestly, he seems like he's come back just in time to retire at WM30 after putting over another superstar. I'm sure there are no chances of a world title run in the future.

    I did mark for his return but not a whole lot because he's past the point where he can perform at his old level and there's always the thought that he could get re-injured at any moment.
  14. He injured himself last night on his return. How is he supposed to finish of "one last great run"?
  15. Maybe he means one last great run from the entrance way to the ring lol.
  16. his matches are boring as fuck nowadays and he can't stay healthy. just go home rey, doesn't the dude have a family?
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  18. I`d love to see him back till WM30, lose to the Undertaker and retire
  19. A Taker Mania match wasted on Rey Mysteriold? god no
  20. A retirement match, whoever loses, retires
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