According to Joey Styles R-Truth is okay

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    Lance Storm and the Hurricane criticize Miz ^
  2. That's good. Miz can't botch simple spots like that
  3. Oops didn't see this before I posted.

    Lance Storm & Hurricane can suck a huge one.
  4. ??

    Miz did bitch out
  5. I despise both of them.
  6. Hater in the house

    I like Miz, but let's face it Hurricane Helms and Lance Storm both have more talent in their left arm then Miz has in his entire body
  7. They're just jealous little douchebags. You see Hurricane's shoot on HBK? Talk about bitter. Miz has more charisma in his eyebrow than those two combined.
  8. Totally disagree. And I don't watch shoot interviews, they don't interest me in the slightest.
  9. Should listen to it, it's a good insight to how bitter he is. Not arguing their wrestling ability, but Miz probably has the most charisma in WWE at the moment.
  10. Nah, Miz has charisma but it's overrated by some IMO. he can't touch Cena, Jericho, Punk, or even guys like Rhodes or Barrett when it comes to charisma. I'm a Miz fan, but let's not get carried away

    as far as Helms being bitter, okay, that's fine. 99% of wrestlers are bitter ass holes who think they should have been pushed to the moon in their careers. It comes with the territory. Nice guys in this industry are very few and far between, and I learned a long time ago to separate wrestlers on screen from wrestlers behind the scenes. I used to watch every shoot I could get my hands on to find out what dirty names wrestler A would call wrestler b, but it's all so childish and elementary I stopped giving a damn
  11. I can see why some would debate Cena or Jericho but for the rest Miz has more charisma in my opinion. Doesn't mean he's better on the mic, just saying charisma wise. They're totally different. Rhodes is sometimes monotone on the mic but he's still one of the best in the company. That's a debate for another thread.

    There's wrestlers who are bitter, but then there's Hurricanes. He's shooted more than once, and fair enough you don't listen to them but it's a nice insight to their outside personality. His tweet was his real personality, he'll do anything to criticize WWE. I'm like you, I don't listen to many shoots but I do if they're against someone like HBK for example. Just out of curiosity.
  12. Problem with Miz is he is 99% mouth and 1 % nothing else

    Flair, Jericho, HBK are all absurdly loud mouthed, but they could go in the ring

    Miz thinks he's hot sh*t, but he's small and has miles to go in the ring

    The Miz will improve, but right now, his mouth writing checks his body can't cash
  13. Mostly agreed. He look leaves a ton to be desired, but I think he is a little underrated in the ring. He won't carry a match by any means, but put him with a decent worker and he can put on a decent show. I also don't know how much more he will improve.. he's been in WWE for what, 7 years now? He isn't an amazing athlete by any stretch, and I think he has just about peaked in ring. He can work on things like psychology and his ability to call a match, but he isn't going to add much more to his move set because he isn't that strong or that quick or anything like that.
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  14. I'm repping Dolph'sZiggler for that last post on the Miz

    I will point out Taker was terrible for the longest time until he improved drastically

    Miz improved w/Morrison and regressed w/Truth His best bet is to work w/Rey or Daniel Bryan.

    Ideally, he would tag w/Rey and ease his workload.... unfortunately Miz is still a heel and the draft is coming up
  15. Of course he can improve, look at Orton. Was an average maybe just above average wrestler, put on okay matches, then in 2011 he's voted as the 2nd best wrestler worldwide by one poll - when many think he should have been 1st. That was judged on the wrestling quality in that year mind.

    Miz went from unbearable, to abysmal, to slightly tolerable, to mediocre, to average, to above average, to decent worker, to being able to put no memorable matches - I'm sure there's much more to come.
  16. That's one of Miz's biggest upsides imo. The fact he never stops working to improve himself.
  17. Miz isn't and will never be one of the greats in ring but u don't need to be Hogan god @[seabs] gonna hate on me tonight haha!

    To be fair my man Foley weren't great in ring could take a massive bump an talk KOTR good example!

    Cena? Not amazing in ring but carried WWE for what ten years with his work etthic!

    In ring ur talking ur Punks, Bryans, Benoits, Eddies, Reys,
  18. Completely agreed. Most of those things said in that legendary promo were true, and it's not really hard to see why. He came from reality TV, characters like JBL would of course ridicule him. He really is a massive fan of WWE and the work he puts in is incredible. He said his average sleep is 3 hours in a night because of media, he's a proven draw - yet some people are asking for suspension/future endeavored.
  19. Miz.. memorable matches?? I must have missed them.
  20. Sorry, but this was funny
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