Accounting For Death

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  1. This is a short film I've been working on for a while with one of my friends from college. The idea is his, i put the pieces together. It was shot on a 16mm bolex so there's no original sound, everything is added in.

    This is one of those films that's highly metaphorical and it's up to the audience to figure out what's happening. Tell me what you guys think

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  2. I love the film.

    I think that in the end of the way we'll all have to see the death, I like how you guys represented it
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  3. This is really well done, brother. No joke. Some interesting shots and a lot of the cuts/editing are impressive.

    I interpreted it as a guy who is an accountant that hates his job and it is slowly killing him. Although that interpretation is largely influenced by my current situation of trying to figure out what I am doing with my life and what career path I'm going down. I've recently decided to try and avoid a mundane job like that to chase a more personally fulfilling career.

    Again though, good shit man. I really enjoyed it.
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  4. Feels to me like dude sold his soul at the end.
  5. That was very interesting. I like how exact you guys added the sounds, they were very very accurate. I also like the effects to the video that were done.
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