ACE/CENA alternate ending

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Donald Trump_, May 16, 2012.

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  1. Batista interferes, gives cena batista bomb and ace wins. batista raises his arm in victory. the next day cena and batista confront each other once again bringing an edgier cena and respark the feud they had before batista retired. which was batistas last feud.
  2. I doubt a Batista return would give Cena an excuse for an edgier character. They teased this with Brock Lesnar (the Edge speech on Raw) but that turned out to be nothing, as this latest hilariously bad Cena promo from this past Raw proves. I wouldn't mind a Batista return, or Cena and Batista feuding again (their matches were good, surprisingly) but most likely, Big Show costs Cena the match in order to get Laurantis to give his job back in return for having helped save his.
  3. I think it'll be Big Show interfering, but I won't be that surprised if Batista shows up.
  4. here's another alternate ending. lord tensai or big show roughs up john cena before the match starts. like mcmahons did to DX @ summerslam.

    I like how wwe played the if you lose you will be fired card. really gives it that extra for ace to do w/e is nessesary to win. just like mr mcmahon does.
  5. Someone will attack Cena either before or during the match. The most logical choice is Big Load. Lesnar could work but is illogical. Two wild cards are Batista and Matt Morgan whose TNA contract apparently has expired.
  6. If Batista would be the man to do it, I'd mark my ass of and my profile img will be changed.
  7. i think cena will win clean i just know it
  8. I don't even like Batista but I'd mark out for that.
  9. Lots of reports are saying that it will happen.

    This was a good one imo:

  10. Where's that from though? That's an opinion, not a news report bro.
  11. I'm pretty sure Ace won't be fired, so there needs to be some interference during the match (remember, it's Super Cena, he'd still win if he was attacked before the match). So we're down to Show, Lesnar or Batista in my opinion.
  12. I still feel there's someone outside of that little box that will interfere. Maybe Triple H?:bury:
  13. Anyone else lol at how many disappointed smarks there will be when it's Show?

    If it's between those three and it's Big Show I'll cry :emoji_slight_frown:. Come on Dave or Brock!
  14. HHH is always avaiable if we're talking about burying people, but I don't think he will be involved in this one, I think he and Lesnar will have a feud separately. It's possible that someone that I didn't mention interferes, a NWO run in with Hogan, Nash and Hall can happen at anytime.

    I'll be as disappointed as everyone, but I think it'll be Big Show. :upset:
  15. My bad, it was an answer to a question. Sorry I disappointed you, Crayo. :okay:
  16. I love that Leo C, a HHH mark, openly admits and jokes with HHH burying people. Epic. We need more honest marks!
  17. I want to be honest, but it just doesn't feel good. I did it once, but then I felt like I was watched.. :silva:
  18. Indeed, that..
  19. Well, he buries people, that's a fact. :haha:

    But I understand Jose's concerns. When you're talking about it and see this :bury: around the forum, it's a little creepy.
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