Aces and eights rumour that will probably make you cry.

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Oct 4, 2012.

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  2. :why:
    Won't believe it until I see it. :cry:
  3. Are you serious. I hate that guy.
  4. If this happens, i still give 0 fucks about aces and eights. They can only go up, as the whole deal has been dirty brown water trash at best.
  5. Rumor has it kinda thing. Crap until BFG is on.
  6. Garrett needs to turn heel. This might not be so bad
  7. I suspected this after that look he gave Hogan last week when Hogan said he wasn't gonna be in the TV Title match. Not that he was one of the original members all along, but they he may end up joining them or aiding them in some way.
  8. Agree. People hate him already just because he's Bischoff's kid, imagine the heat when (if) he turns. :obama:
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  9. Exactly. It's a lot easier to wrestle as a heel as well so he won't be so exposed. He can use a generic moveset and use cheap heat gaining tactics like low blows, eye gauges, and back rakes.
  10. Not to mention talk smack and such in the ring to keep the psychology of the match more fluent. This allows him to also grow as a wrestler so that if he turns face down the road he won't be as bad.
  11. So we agree to agree to turn him heel. Turn him, TNA!
  12. His douchebag Elvis look is a great look for a heel as well. Everything about him screams heel.

    Honestly if he can play his troll cards right I could see myself becoming a fan of heel Baby B
  13. Garett 4 life. Hell, even give him his own douchey stable. If the guy like Hernandez had one, this possible goat can have his own too. Imagine him in stable with three even worse newb guys. :dawg:
  14. Like when Shane O Mac brought in the Mean Street Posse??


    this storyline has potential. we need to be on the TNA creative team
  15. :badass:
  16. As Test said in another thread, if the ratings and PPV buys do badly then Pritchard might end up going. The era of Dolph's can begin then, doing gut checks with Taz and Snow.
  17. If I were the head of creative the FIRST thing I would do is 86 gut check segments. They have become unbearable. Gut Check has given us Joey Ryan, I thank it for that, but it needs to come to an end.
  18. Rework it, only under you the gut check segment is you kneeing vanilla midgets in the gut.
  19. Hate me for it, but I like and support the Gut Check concept. I feel it's the future of the company in some way. The competitors thus far might not have been great, but they've been very solid IMO, well except Kris Lewie fella. Not everyone on Gutcheck has to be ultra-good, it is an audition match after all. It definitely needs a tweak at this point, but I'm all for it. Alex Silva, Taeler Hendrix, Sam Shaw, Joey Ryan.... I feel they all can contribute to TNA in the future. #KeepTheGutCheck
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