Aces and Eights vs Main Event Mafia

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Nano, Aug 2, 2013.

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  1. After what happened last night, I'm actually a bit shocked. I expected a match which the loser stable would have to disband. When the MEM said it was going to be a Loser Leaves Town match I was shocked to be honest. After the show I thought, what would happen if Magnus eats the pin?

    Well, I want you to give me your thoughts on this match.

    Off-topic: Crayo, I actually thought about having bets for who will eat the pin in this match and maybe who will be the winner of the BFG series. Maybe as Hardcore Justice is a special episode, we could have bets for the title match too. Just thought about that.
  2. I was surprised as well man.

    Magnus won't eat the pin. Unless they want to do a surprising angle (or write Rampage off TV while he trains) then it's probably a way to transition Devon to a backstage role or to dump one of the useless Aces.
  3. it'll have to be devon imo, they wont be dropping Garret or Wes for sure, so it leave that one ogre who never gets tv time, or devon.

  4. When is this match? I'll get bets up nearer the time.

    Agree that it should be a stable gets disbanded match, although I guess they're gonna have the Aces and Eights implode once they lose. Hopefully they start an Anderson/Bully angle out of it.
  5. 2 weeks from now, at Hardcore Justice, same night as the Sabin/Bully rematch. Could we have a 2-match show? Lol
  6. Don't really think we'll see a two matches show. They will add some other matches like an X Division title defense or something like that tbh
  7. I'm thinking either Devon or Angle get pinned.

    Devon because he's an agent and trainer of sorts now, and Angle (if wrestling) because he's going to rehab.
  8. I think Devon will eat the pin.
  9. What if we have a double pin? Just thought about that. By double pin I mean something similar to what happened this week between Styles and Aries but no one would get the shoulder up.
  10. Just saw a theory of this match being used to push Tito vs Rampage, having Tito either be the special ref or do a run-in to screw over Rampage and get him kayfabe fired.

    Don't know how to feel about that.
  11. Yeah, I've heard about that too and it wouldn't be good stuff in my opinion. That's a pathetic idea in my opinion because then A&Es would have two more members than the MEM and their next match would be a handicap match.
  12. Tito Ortiz is my favorite wrestler.
  13. Feel bad.
  14. It'll be someone from Aces and Eights that gets pinned. My guess is Wes or Garrett or that other big dude.
  15. I don't think Wes or Garret will get pinned. If it's from A&Es I'm going with Knux or Devon tbh.
  16. That's the useless dudes name, Knux. Yea him, or even Devon yea.
  17. I'd go with Devon because of all those rumors that he'll be taking a more important role in the company.
  18. Yeah, but Kurt's already out (assuming he'll be in rehab) so they may have to make it 4-on-4 already, may as well kick Anderson out of the other side since he's not getting pinned.

    The businessman in me hates this since that keeps me from firing Knux, who's spent the last year doing nothing but stand there and do nothing on our payroll.
    The booker in me hates this since it's TNA being forced to use the angle that's been building for so long to promote Bellator instead of sticking a nail in this thing's coffin
    The fan in me loves this since they're using a match I don't care about as a way to get a bunch of MMA assholes I don't care about off my TV.

    Guess it's time to put my casual hat on for a week.
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  19. I have to agree with your three characters. Actually Knux has done nothing but saying "sorry Devon, my vote goes for Ken"... Taz has done more for the A&Es than Knux.
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