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  1. With me being sick of hundreds of threads about them, here's an official thread, and I'm putting their members in order of their reveal or when they joined.

    Devon - Sgt. At Arms (unmasked at BFG 2012)

    DOC - Director Of Chaos (unmasked on 11/8/2012 IMPACT)

    Mike Knoxx (unmasked on 1/3/2013 IMPACT)

    Mr. Anderson (joined group on 1/3/2013 IMPACT)

    Taz - The Messenger For The Group (revealed himself on 1/17/2013 IMPACT)

    Garett Bischoff (revealed himself on 1/31/2013 IMPACT)

    Wes Brisco (revealed himself on 1/31/2013 IMPACT)

    D'Lo Brown - The Vice President Of The Aces & Eights (revealed himself on 3/7/13 IMPACT)

    Bully Ray - The President Of The ACES & EIGHTS

    Most memorable matches and moments

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  2. I have no problem with the group and no real problem with it consisting of "lower status guys" or "has beens" because the pack of wolves and group effect should make up for that. What you lack for in quality you can make up for in numbers and what not.

    I'll give them the unpredictable Taz swerve (I was legit going WTF at my screen when it happened.) I have no real problem with Taz being in the group other than I wish he'd stay away from the table and just be the mouth piece for the group/maybe ring announcer for them. Or maybe just do the main event or A&8 matches. But I have no problem with him being in the group. Neither do I have a problem with Devon, DOC, Knox, Baby Bisch or Wes. Like with all wrestlers I wait with forming a final judgement until I have seen them work for a while. That also applies when they turn face or heel. I'll wait and see how they work out.

    The only real problem I have had with this angle is that whenever they seem to gain momentum they also lose it. It's like one step forward two steps back. DOC gets revealed as the bruiser of the group and should reasonably get a bit of a monster push, gets buried by Sting/Angle. But that is something I am chalking up to Angle's power over booking and his golden rule of "Angle doesn't lose".

    I like the group and I like the angle. I just wish they could pick up some more momentum soon. At the moment they are okay and entertaining. With some momentum behind them they could be great.

    My humble opinion. Make of it what you will.
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  3. Exactly my opinion about this group and fantastic explanation and reasoning for it. Honestly. +1


    Gonna tag @Crayo here one last time just to read, for the sake of it.
  4. I read it, and left. No idea why you tagged me. Stopspot's opinion is not the right one - it's his opinion.

    Going to link the definition of opinion, just for the sake of it:
  5. It needs star power... And fast.!!!

    It has no credibility...

    It there is a big swerve coming it should come soon...

    Gunner, crimson...

    Then work up to reveal the leader to be someone like Abyss. AJ or hardy...

    I can see AJ
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  6. It's okay to be butthurt, it really is.
  7. Who else do you guys think is in Aces & Eights?
  8. I have no problem with them, they do what they do and that's a business, they make a chaos and TNA wrestling earns more money, in WWE is the same with The Shield...
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  9. Wishful thinking and dirtsheet reports both have me thinking about some of these guys being involved aswell:

    - D'Lo Brown
    - Brian Cage
    - Crimson
    - Gunner
    - Jeff Jarrett
    - Joey Ryan
    - Bully Ray
    - Chris Sabin
    - Daniels, Kazarian

    And one or two new guys from the Indy scene.
  10. Hey Testify... what if this guy was the leader?

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  11. Shit, totally forgot about Abyss/Park/Chris. He's a big option to be the leader, with multiple personalities and being demented.
  12. Absolutely... It would be perfect, but only if they can somehow have someone else play the Abyss character. With Joey Park being the protagonist who's finally getting those W's, he finds his brother leading the faction that's been torturing him for so long. It leads to a really hot Park/Abyss feud, and the Aces and Eights can just ride off into the distance.

    And with Hogan and Bully being the people in the limelight, it would be a surprising swerve... but it's probably gonna be Jarrett or Bischoff and nobody will care.
  13. Then again, there's this AJ Styles dude potentially to be involved with them. He has not been involved in many fights with them (one or two), so I don't wanna forget him aswell.
  14. They actually ran an angle with him and Dixie on Bellator after impact. Were Dixie saw AJ in the crowd and he just shrugged her off.
  15. Yeah, I heard. Interesting to hear it continue on some wortless shit like Bellator. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  16. AJ Styles leading it would be :eww:

    Abyss leading it is a decent shout.
  17. Styles being so pissed at the company that he'd lead this job squad, er, badass biker gang, to get revenge on the company could be a pretty decent idea. But really... can we please keep quality talent away from this faction (unless it's Crimson since it would put him on TV?)
  18. An Aces & 8s merch has come to life:

    Cool cap, tbh.:mad2:
  19. No styles, and i dont care who is added, just stop having them lose week in and week out, but still expecting us to believe somehow the group attacks still count. Wes and Bischoff have to win their tag matches (but itll be against roode/aa i assume...i want bad influence) and the big guys just being there to attack. I really wish they had stuck to Devon, Anderson, Wes, Garrett, and one of the big dudes, and just had the pres also. That would have been plenty, and they might have won more for it. This shit is cabbage, but im always open to the idea of it getting saved. Also, fuck Tazz, they should have used this to see if him only being on for 5 mins a night impacts anything.

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    It doesn't, he is fucking retarded.
  20. Btw, Taz had guts to share with the millions of us last week that he has a boil on his ass last week. :mad2:

    Are you serious?
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