Aces & Eights Members (Some spoilers)

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by William, Sep 26, 2012.

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  1. Okay, I'm here to show all of you who the Aces & Eights members are. I know for definite who some people are and the others are just guess'.

    The first person is the long haired guy.

    Now here's a photo of the man behind the mask.

    The guy with the long hair is Wes Brisco. They have the same hair style and it would fit in with TNA introducing him 2 weeks back. He could also be the way in for the rest of the group.

    In this image is Brisco beating the shit out of some ****, The one on the far left (with the all black mask) is Luke Gallows. He has the exact same build, exact same skin tone and if you look in the little holes for his eyes you can really tell it's him from when he was in WWE. The one next to Gallows I think is deffinately Jay Bradley. He's been hinting hard at being apart of the group recently and that was easily him who hit AJ Styles with that boomstick lariet a few weeks ago.


    I think the guy in the left of this photo is this guy.
    David Flair. Mainly because of the eye shape in the mask and also the build.

    Here's a photo of the arm breaker guy, I think he is Mike Know mainly from the chest hair and they have a similar build.

    Here is a photo of Knox from a tryout match earlier this year, he's really got the same sort of build as arm breaker which is why I think Knox is arm breaker.

    Also rumored to be in the group is
    Chris Masters
    DH Smith
    Trevor Murdoch
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  2. If you're not going to contribute to the thread don't post in it. Reporting you for spamming.
  3. so who do you think the leader is
  4. I'm not sure, I think there might be something to do with Ring Ka King because a lot of the guys I believe are in this are coming from there....
  5. There is still Luke Gallows.
  6. Isn't DH Smith working with NJPW?
  7. Beating down some faggot? Pretty sure that there is James Storm.
  8. These guys could just be doing it now but not the actual "Reveal" guys.
  9. LOLDavidFlair

    Marking for Brisco tbh.
  10. I was hoping someone would realize that was joke :X I got like half way down this page then and not one person mentioned it and I was like

    All faith in WWEForums = Gone :upset:

    Then I saw your post! :yay:

  11. You're welcome.:obama:
  12. Awesome thread though man, surprised no one has repped you for this.
  13. I liked post, plus he earned the respect from the forums own face, he doesn't need more, does he?:dawg:
  14. My life is now complete that I've earnt Crayo's respect :yay: :yes:
  15. Andddd you lost by saying, "earnt". :dawg:
  16. :angry:
  17. If only Chris Masters. :yay:
  18. I think Chris Masters may be involved but I'm not sure, I don't recognize him as anyone that I've seen so far. They might reveal him later on though without him even making appearances.
  19. No way is that David Flair.
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