ACH vs Lethal The Rematch - This Weekend on ROH TV

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  1. LethalvsACHLakeland
    This week Ring of Honor Television comes to you from the Lakeland Center in beautiful Lakeland, Florida!

    We kick things off with exciting six man tag team action. The very combustible group of The Decade, “Mr ROH” Roderick Strong, BJ Whitmer and The Decades pledge, Adam Page, take on the combination Will Ferrara, Tadarius Thomas and Caprice Coleman. The Decade have had their issues lately and we’ve been informed that those problems are now behind them. Tadarius Thomas, a former pledge to the group, should be able to provide his personal insight into the current issues of The Decade. While the veteran leadership of Whitmer and Strong should be more than enough to combat the the youthful explosiveness of their younger opponents, can they hold it together enough to get the vicotry?

    For the first time since his motorcycle accident, we hear from War Machine’s Raymond Rowe. Kevin Kelly interviews this monster regarding his recovery and potential return.

    With #Reborn Matt Sydal joining Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino on commentary, our main event has current Ring of Honor Television Champion Jay Lethal defending his championship against the amazing high flyer ACH! We were supposed to see this match last August at All Star Extravaganza 6. With fate stepping in, ACH missed the opportunity to accomplish his dream of unseating the greatest Television Champion in ROH history. Is it ACH’s time or is this just another challenger that Jay Lethal puts down? This title match is one that will excite beyond words and is not one you want to miss.

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