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  1. I'm interested in separating myawards with competition awards/stats awards. You're probably confused and rightfully so; I'll try to explain it.

    Currently we have awards found here. I want to have the awards as rewards basically. HQ posts, helpful donations, comical posts etc. I also want to add more statistic awards like 100 posts, 500 posts, 1000 posts for example. But I don't want to fill the awards page with stuff like that.

    So, how do we get around this? There's a plugin called myachievements which I will be adding once we get enough money for a yearly subscription there ($7 I think). This is automated. We will create a separate box underneath awards and most likely call them "achievements". The concept is the same as awards really, you receive an image in the box once you have completed that task. For example, once you hit 500 posts, one point in the day when the achievements update you will automatically get an image for successfully getting 500 posts in your post_bit box.

    I don't want to ramble on, but does this sound like something you'd want? It helps motivate new users to post, it looks pretty in your post_bit and profile and it's yet another cool feature to separate us from the rest. If you want to ask any questions please go ahead.
  2. Sure, I don't mind. Looks pretty good.
  3. Yeah (you ninja) that's the plugin, I've used it before and actually had it installed here before but that was before we were hacked and reinstalled the necessary plugins only. Since then my subscription ran out but it'll be here eventually. Just wanted to know if people liked the idea.
  4. I think you should remove these karma stars and add the achievements plugin instead. It'll look better in the postbit all organized and there's more than just getting X amount of post counts. There's the online time, total threads, ranks, etc.
  5. That's what I'll do probably, once I get myachievements. I'll miss my big star though :((
  6. I can agree, I can disagree. Still won't get my awards. :upset:
  7. What awards might they be @[Jose Tortilla] ?
  8. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    I know I have to deserve them, but IT'S SO HARD!! :upset:
  9. Be more friendly and I'll give you the one that looks like a beer.
  10. I am friendly. :upset:

    You're mean.
  11. Not friendly enough however.
  12. Everyone.
  13. Jose falling for the bait here.

    If you don't nominate, I forget.
  14. Nominated a while ago, no respond..


    Sure, dude.:matt:
  15. Re-nominate.
  16. Naa, this is like begging for it. You once said that when you nominate, your chance is low. So I wont.
  17. I nominate Jose for the Executive Producer and VP of Talent Relations of this forum. :ace:
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  18. Useless people are useless.
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  19. This. ^ :alone: