Acting Black/White

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Solid Snake, Jun 28, 2017.

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  1. Came across this video and I loved his message about stereotyping and what it does.

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  2. The plight of the outsider, too black for the whites and too white for the blacks.
  3. Are you mixed? Or do you mean just in actions? I heard that a lot of mixed people (half and half) deal with a lot of crap from both sides too and that ain't right.
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  4. I like everything that guy had to say.
    I DNT JUDGE BLACK PPL, I think I kinda Fear them to some degree. I mean, yeah, it depends how they were raised. I like seeing how nicely they dress up when Im out eating at a restaurant. I will admit that I feel uncomfortable being around blk ppl.
  5. That quote relates to black people who just don't really fit in anywhere because of their personality or interest and not necessarily mixed people, I guess it could be interpreted that way.

    No one can act black or white to me it's just a racist way of calling someone smart or stupid. Like you can't attribute intelligence to one race and aggression and ignorance to another those are universal concepts shared by every race on the planet. It's just another stupid thing we American idiots do to divide ourselves.

    And I'm no Logic half and half but I do have some Caucasian blood in me.
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  6. Yup and that is what he explained. By doing this they just continue to contribute to racism/prejudice on both sides and it needs to stop.
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  7. I 100% Agree
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  8. My favorite black/white acting is in Pokestar Studios

    No, different acting? Ok, I'll see myself out
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