News Actor Tracy Morgan in critical condition after car crash

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Just Kevin, Jun 7, 2014.

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    “30 Rock” star Tracy Morgan has been hospitalized in critical condition after the limousine he was riding in was involved in a six-car crash on the New Jersey Turnpike early Saturday.

    There was no word on the specifics of Morgan’s condition. He was transported by helicopter to the intensive care unit of Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, N.J. One of the seven people riding in the limo bus carrying Morgan died in the crash that occurred about 1 a.m. Et, according to Gregory Williams, Sgt. First Class of the New Jersey State Police.

    Morgan, 45, is known for his seven-season run opposite Tina Fey on NBC’s “30 Rock.” He was also a “Saturday Night Live” trouper from 1996 to 2003. At present he is preparing to star in a new comedy that has a 10-episode order from Fxx. That untitled series is shepherded by the trio behind Fxx’s



    Wishing him well.
  2. Hope he is ok.
  3. Damn that sucks. I hate car accident.
  4. He hasn't done anything funny since 30 Rock, but hey, hope the rest of the people are okay.
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  5. Lol it's only been a little over a year since that show ended and he was working on a new show with Rob, Charlie and Glenn of Always Sunny.

    Prayers go out to Tracy Morgan and all involved in the 6 vehicle accident.
  6. What I meant was that he hasn't done anything funny since he started 30 Rock.
  7. Ahhhh!
    For the most part yah, it really depends. He was pretty solid in Cop Out and Death at a Funeral IMO.
  8. Aw man that is terrible, hope everyone is okay and make a full recovery.
  9. Hope he pulls through. Not my favorite comic but he has solid stand up. I liked him in Cop Out, and 30 Rock is my shit. He is a different type of dude but he is funny.
  10. I never saw Death At A Funeral...didn't even know it existed until I googled it after you posted this. I didn't find Cop Out Funny though,
  11. Apparently the giant company Walmart is now blaming Tracy Morgan and other passengers for their own injuries due to negligence.. Walmart is saying that because the people inside of the vehicle that was hit by one of it's trucks only suffered the injuries because they weren't wearing seatbelts.. Does this change anything? Do you think Walmart is still responsible for what their driver did?
  12. I just saw that in the news. What a load of utter BS. A giant semi truck (that showed no sign of slowing before plowing into the limousine) or an unfastened seat belt (in a limo?). Which do you think was the cause for more damage? Fuck Wal-Mart
  13. American law as spun by a big company at work people!
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  14. Honestly just look at that damage. Seatbelts or not, they were gonna get fucked up.

    Hope Tracy gets better though. Not my favorite actor or comedian, but damn this is pretty bad.
  15. Walmart picked the wrong semi celeb to fuck with. All this means is a settlement out of court and a lot more hate towards Wally World. Your truck is to blame, but it shouldn't have been QUITE so bad. Who the fuck knows, maybe he could have had his spleen rupture in the process.
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  16. @Dolph'sZiggler you are the only one I think might know, has any word been passed on the Sunny cast with Morgan deal adding a new celeb in his place?

    That show would have been so damn amazing.
  17. one of the few *****s that I love. Thoughts and prayers go out to him. I hope he has a good recovery and all will go well in his future.
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  18. *Ninja's.
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