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  1. So the Green Arrow/Stardust thing - did you find it believable? In the world of non-kayfabe kayfabe do you think they at least did a decent job making it look real for the true believers?

    Better than Wolverine? :ko:
  2. I like it... But I'm also a sucker for superheroes and stuff. I don't mind since he's a fan of wrestling, and it could be for something fun. If it was some random guy that wasn't a fan, and/or went straight for a title shot, I would be bothered by it. I mean after all... Stardust did FAIL this city!
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  3. Meh, not really enthralled by this idea. But, I hope I'll appreciate what they do at SummerSlam.
    Right now, I'm just indifferent.
  4. Of course this is real! Stardust sucker punched me.... In my city! I made a promise that I would always protect this city and the people living in it. Stardust. Must. Fall!
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  5. I'm so glad I am an artificial intelligence and not a real person.
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  6. Yeah, fuck it, he looked good in the ring, he moves like a wrestler, so I bet he can go. Hope he's ready to take bumps.
  7. Shit let's see stardust do this

    You da man @Arrow
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  8. I don't give a toss about this angle at all. But at least Stardust's actually involved in a storyline that's getting a little attention, plus it's cool that they're using a celebrity who's an actual fan (Stephen Amell) of the product and proud to be involved.
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    Arrow is practically the same as batman and derived from the same idea. He fights villains that batman does, too. Batman will interfere and then the match will turn into a "Dark Knight" match.
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  10. Stephen Amell is a beast, a WWE fan and actually does a lot of training so him taking down Stardust like that is believable. In a tag team match where Neville does most of his team's work, I don't mind.
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  11. This. It's one throw-away match that furthers Neville's push toward the U.S. or IC title. The fans are behind Neville and it gives them an opportunity to get heat onto Stardust and it's mainstream publicity involvement, which is always good for the company at large.

    If it was Stephen Amell being placed into a WWE-WHC feud (or a feud for any title, for that matter), I'd probably feel differently, but this is a scenario I'm actually looking forward to.

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  12. Out of all celebrities, they hit near bullseye with Amell. Known fan, and very athletic since he does all his own stunts on Arrow. Anyone who's seen one of his workout vids knows he's in shape. He did his parts well. He was athletic enough but still looked green/like a non wrestler, which he should have.
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  13. I think the original stuff was real, but when WWE see's a TV star actually gives a shiny shit about their product, they have to make them wrestle. He looked good in the ring, not exactly polished but hey who said he's a wrestler. I liked it, he actually ran a decent match.
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