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  1. Well that was a stupid idea.
  2. Ooooo ouch. Adam almost left ROH a couple months back if I remember correctly. I can see why they wouldn't sign Bennett though, his character is very like Dolph Ziggler. Probably don't have any direction for him.
  3. Adam Cole signed a renewed ROH contract a month ago.
    Its better then appearing on NXT for 6 months, and going to Smackdown to be a part of the mid card.
    The guys that appeared on FCW have the first choice right now.
    Dallas, Big E, Cesaro, Sandow, Ambrose and Wyatt all appeared on FCW before it turned into NXT.
    (I have no clue what they are doing with Kassius, since he been in FCW just aslong.)
    And besides Cole is close to another title shot, that wouldnt be logicle in WWE atleast not that soon.
  4. It's good, Cole stil needs to improve a bit before he goes to WWE, he hasn't really amazed the Indy scene yet.
  5. Thats probably why he signed a contract extension with ROH a few weeks back,wwe loss.

    As for Bennett i can see why they would go for him but he is just generic and not a great worker at all.
  6. I don't think it's bad. He's still young, and is still hot in the indies. I think he can work a couple more years, improve himself more, and then sign with one of the big two companies.
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  7. There is no need for him to rush now. I say he should keep doing his Indy stuff a little bit longer. He's only 23 after all.
  8. I love Mike Bennett, always love seeing him deliver the piledriver.
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