Adam Copeland (Edge) has finally joined twitter

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Sep 19, 2012.

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  1. Adam Copeland (Edge) has finally joined twitter and yes this is legit and is really him
  2. Yeah Hannah, told us earlier. Wish I had that many followers.
  3. Someone's early. :lol1:
  4. His followers are going up really fast this could be record breaking
  5. OK, whatever.
  6. You got Twitter Leo?
  7. I created one a long time ago for some reason but I've never used it.
  8. He's following FUNAKI! :yes:
  9. Wooo! that's 1 more superstar that'll never answer my tweets :win:
  10. No need for a thread tho.
  11. Recording breaking. Rofl.
    Look at how many Charlie Sheen/Kim Kardashion got in one day. He's about 30,000 now. That's not many in a day.
  12. Jonathan- as always being the condescending tool :true:
  13. he only had 2k followers last time i checked :O
  14. Edge has now 74,222 followers on twitter since joining yesterday and he has trended twitter worldwide from this way to go Edge
  15. pretty cool :emoji_grin: he will probably get more followers when smackdown airs
  16. Most likely brother.
  17. I like your favourite superstar Dethfvk. :isee:
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