Adam & Kenny of WhatCulture interview AJ Styles

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Solidus, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. I guess WWE is the right section now...

    Good video, AJ Styles seems like a great guy.
    No info given regarding WWE though.
  2. Should just be titled 'AJ Styles interview', nobody cares about those unprofessional SCRUBS.

    Pretty good interview though, barring the three minutes of Hogan talk of course.
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  3. You shut your skanky ass mouth, biatch.
  4. AJ Styles is a cool, humble dude.

    Good interview, although I would've preferred if Pacitti was there instead of that Kenny fella, but oh well.
  5. "Sure!"

    Yeah that's a bad sign :/
  6. Obvious sarcasm, unless you're doing the same in your post.
  7. no i'm not :emoji_slight_frown: prepare for Royal Rebellion 3 folks
  8. He's good on the podcasts.
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