Adam Page taking the lessons & respect into The Next Decade

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    Adam Page upon first glance is without a doubt a blue chip prospect. Bursting onto the scene in Ring of Honor in January 2011, he impressed officials with his raw natural ability.

    He not only impressed officials, but he caught the eye of Ring of Honor veteran BJ Whitmer. Watching from afar, Whitmer watched as Page proved himself by hanging with top ROH talents such as Matt Taven, Michael Elgin and Adam Cole. “He definitely had something, but he was missing some crucial pieces” said BJ.

    Final Battle 2013 saw the arrival of Page to the big stage permanently. He opened the biggest event of Ring of Honor’s calendar with a highly anticipated match against “The Icon” Matt Hardy. While Hardy won, Page did not disappoint anyone but himself, “I put the pressure on myself to beat Matt Hardy on the biggest show of the year and I failed”.

    Around this time Ring of Honor veterans BJ Whitmer, Jimmy Jacobs and “Mr ROH” Roderick Strong formed The Decade. Strong, Jacobs and Whitmer all shared the same frustration. They watched as other athletes who left ROH for greener pastures, return and be applauded for what they perceived as a lack of loyalty.

    “For over 10 years we’ve busted our asses for this company! To watch someone who left and then returned and be treated as conquering heroes was utterly insulting.” Said Whitmer, ”We had enough and it was time to right some of those wrongs”.

    On an episode of ROH TV in January 2014, The Decade started on a mission to recruit other established Ring of Honor stars into the group. They approached Mark Briscoe. Mark rebuffed the advances and The Decade frustrated decided to take the opportunity to attack Adam Page. “Roddy, Jimmy and I knew what we were doing. We saw the potential in Page and wanted to test his mettle.”

    “We kept tabs on him. He was trying to find himself” added Whitmer. “He is a young lion on the plain trying to hunt with the big boys and he just doesn’t have all the tools yet.” "We all agreed that it was time to take on the next generation of ROH stars and I decided that Page was the one we should grab first”

    March 7, 2014 saw Adam Page and Tadarius Thomas join The Decade as pledges. Page was blown away by the offer, “3 guys who I really respected asked me to run alongside of them. I had to say yes.”

    From the outside looking in one could think that the veterans are abusing the youngsters. Having Page & Thomas carry an ice bucket and wiping them down with towels is a just a few of the menial tasks they performed. According to Page, from the inside it couldn’t be more different. “I’m not a servant. I’m not abused. I’m being taught to respect this business, how to respect traditions, how to respect those who came before me and to appreciate Ring of Honor. Why is that so bad?”

    He seems to be ok with the treatment, while Tadarius Thomas was not. “He is being blinded. I thought like he did at first, but I woke up. They were playing games. Treating him and I like children. Im not cool with that and that’s why I bounced.”

    “I’ve never been one to concern myself with the others opinions. TD is jealous of me. He was always complaining that I got extra attention from BJ. What he and others don’t understand is that I get to pick the brain of BJ Whitmer and Jimmy Jacobs. It’s like going to school. TD is a drop out and me? Well I’m going to graduate with honors!”

    BJ Whitmer seems to take a certain level of pride when watching the advancement of Adam Page. Page recently has taken a strong stance beside Whitmer in his issues with fellow Decade member Roderick Strong. Whitmer always a bully is taking great pride in seeing this, “He knows who has his best interests in mind. Roddy needs to make things right with me and Page!”

    Many times in history we have seen a bright young career derailed by the wrong choices. This young man from Aaron’s Creek, Virginia is steadfast in his belief that he is on the right path. The Decade could prove to be the best thing for Adam Page or it could prove to be the worst!

    Adam Page has star written all over him. Let’s hope for his sake that The Decade doesn’t dim that star before it gets to shine brightest!

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