News Adam Rose and Konnor Suspended For 60 Days

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Aster Davis, Apr 16, 2016.

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  1. Source : WWE suspends Raymond Leppan and Ryan Parmeter

    Not a huge loss but I don't remember their first violation.
  2. they probably took a shit ton of pills in the hope that they could forget the fact that they're Konnor and Adam Rose
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  3. poor Adam, gets to a status where he gets booked on a regular basis and then this.. whatever, as long as Bo's still here I'm fine.
  4. I don't know what i'm going to do with my life for the next 60 days knowing that I wont see Adam Rose or Konnor in WWE... Probably be happier.
  5. I wonder what the Social Outcasts will have to say about this.
    When Bo Dallas was away for some time they said he was dropping mixtapes
  6. Truth be told, I'm not that fussed by the suspension of Konnor, mainly because of how poorly the Ascension has been booked on the main roster. I wonder what will become of Viktor during this 60 day period.
    Adam Rose on the other hand, I'm a little surprised at this, and I wonder how the Social Outcasts will react to this. My guess is with some comedic banter. That's if WWE is even going to address this.
    Either way, for both men it's a sticky situation imo
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  7. Not a big loss, but what idiots. If they've done this twice now and gotten caught, they've gotten be fucking morons.
  8. Rose is meh
  9. Well so long then.

    Seems to be the norm now that when you get suspended you don't come back at all. Bourne, Hornswoggle, Titus etc.

    I hear there's a spot open in the social outcasts for a fourth man
  10. Probably the last we'll see of them. Not huge losses, but sucks for them.
  11. Not now, the social outcast were about to get over!:troll:
  12. I don't remember their first violation either and I'm not huge on either guy, but yeah, it sucks for them.
  13. Konnor got his first violation in 2006, while apart of ECW.
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  14. Both of them are jabroni's anyway.
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  15. I don't really care for the Ascension so that's not a big loss. However, the Social Outcasts have been pretty interesting lately, so Adam Rose's loss is kinda sucky. Hopefully the Social Outcats continue to be used on tv.
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  16. When was the last time The Ascension were actually relevant lel. But idk what they'll do about the Social Outcasts now so that sucks.
  17. Keep 'em together? I mean, only one member of the group got suspended. The rest will still be on TV, I reckon.
  18. Yea I mean what will they do about him? Act like he's still there or nothing happened? Or actually address him in storyline.
  19. I doubt anything big comes out of this. They'll probably say something like "He's away recording a rap album!" or something, similar to when Bo was away for a little while. lol
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  20. 60 days is quite some time. Perhaps they bring in another member. I think Fandango would fit well into the group.
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