Adam Rose being given up on already?

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  1. -Meltzer

    Not sure how Rose was buried by Kevin Dunn lol, but it really is a shame if it's true. Give the guy a chance.
  2. Leo Kruger > Goldust 2
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  3. I like Adam Rose, but he may get a push and only end up like Zack Ryder. I wish they would give people an actual chance and not have people in one minute squash matches. I timed the last match between Zack Ryder and Rusev, it was exactly one minute. I really hope Adam Rose isn't the next Zack Ryder because people were excited about him too. It's a shame they ruin people's careers.
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  4. Edit with more people listed:

    ewrestlingnews, again quoting Meltzer

    I've never wanted a dirtsheet report to be wrong more in my life.
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  5. lol @ Kevin Dunn having input on wrestling characters when he hates wrestling.
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  6. They really need to look at how NXT talent are moving up to the main roster. We've had Rusev, Bo, Rose, Paige, etc, all come up recently and none of them have really been a success or got over.
  7. Add Emma to that list.
    You're right, none of the NXT bunch are doing all that well. I think it's a shame that none of them are doing particularly successfully on the main roster as they're all talented wrestlers (some more than others)
    I think the NXT gimmicks don't help- like they expect everyone to watch NXT as well as the main roster so assume that the gimmicks will translate over well.
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  8. I remember reading a month or so ago that Adam Rose's debut was internally considered a flop by officials, so it's no surprise that Vince isn't sold on him. Shame, as I enjoy fun gimmicks like these since they add more variety to the show and balance out all the more serious personas and issues on it (plus I have a fixation on bunnies...) In the event that the gimmick ends up eventually dropped, it's not like they won't just find something else for Leo Kruger.

    Guess Vince isn't a BO-Liever. :bodallas:
  9. Makes no sense. So they don't like Paige's character and that leads to her not having character development? Well, no surprise there, I mean, they debut someone to be as generic as a human being can possibly be, dislike the result and that's why there's no development? Good grief, I mean, that doesn't even make sense! Damn Meltzer, scumbag worthless waste of oxygen. What do they even want with Rose anyway? They have him win two squash matches and that's as far as they'll try to push the guy before saying he sucks? Has to be made up. Ugh. I'm already mad because of this damn world cup, and now this
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  10. they're being a lemon..they should be a rosebud.

  11. Don't get mad at soccer, Soccer sucks. :bodallas:

    Exactly! They don't like Paige's lack of character and that leads her to not have a character. #wwelogic

    With all of these failed NXT Characters, I'll keep saying it: Most of them organically got over with the NXT Audience BEFORE they had a character shift to give the fans what they want, while the main roster gets the shifted characters but not the stories behind them. Also with Bo, just sticking him against guys nobody cares about gives him that kind of rub. :downer:
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  12. Yeah, I don't even know what the problem is with Bo. Even though it's not the exact same character from NXT, I think it's an interesting dynamic, maybe if they give it a bit more time/relevancy it'll get over. As you said, it's hard to get over by beating Santino and etc. And what you said with NXT characters, yes! Exactly that. Paige was generic on NXT too, but it's because she had gotten over already. Bo is the same thing, he got massively over as a heel by being a lame babyface for real before that became his gimmick. Although Rose I think isn't on this situation because he debuted pretty much the same way and spent no time in NXT (despite his main roster debut in itself not being very well executed). Really just rambling on with no point here, but bottom line is that if they are in fact burying these guys, work with them a little more. Especially poor Paige, as Rose and Bo at least have something unique about them.

    And I'll try not to get mad at soccer, despite people honking horns in the streets here hours before some game. Hopefully Bo's smile will help.
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  13. I'll take guys like Rose, Fandango, even Brodus (before the overkill) over typical "I'm a good guy : )!" "I'm a bad guy grrr >: (" shit any day.
  14. Alright, pretty happy now. I know it's off topic, but I just entered to see who had been released and stumbled upon this:
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  15. You hit the nail right on the head. Work with the talents, don't just bury them before they have a chance! I won't talk about Bo since he always gets cut from Hulu (although I hear the last victory was really fluky before he started yelling "6-0" and celebrating like a madman... sounds hilarious :dawg:) and while I'm not a big Rose fan, there's obviously enough likable/ridiculous qualities about the character to have something to work with. I don't know why they have a creative team to do nothing creative, but in an era of backstage segments and character development Rose could actually be a fun character.

    I think we underrated the presentation of Paige on NXT. You had the dark lighting, heavy metal song, her gutteral scream on the apron... The whole presentation lead to a feeling of badassery that's just missing on the main roster, not to mention her good matches also were left behind on NXT. Come on, guys.

    Think the problem is really staring us in the face. Kevin Dunn, you're the executive producer of Total Divas, too. You just focus on that show. Vince McMahon, you're like 70 years old. Go retire somewhere and count your money. It's time for the Triple H regime to take over this show ffs.

    Seriously? Lets all fly to Brazil with a bunch of socks we can stick in those horns. :tough:
  16. Yeah, if they were going to give Paige at least a little bit of personality they could've tried to do some anti diva stuff, but... that ship has sailed, yeah. And I'm on board with KD and Vince having no say on creative, or at least HHH getting the last word.
    And it's worse than that Crazy Steve/Zema horn-off on Impact last week here.
  17. Look, everybody! I found the problem!

    Seriously, these characters were developed, worked strong, and got over in NXT. What it takes is a real sense of impressing folks with vignettes.

    The Bo Dallas vignettes were fairly entertaining (if a bit confusing), but they fit in well with the character he has now and he's getting a decent heel reaction as his character is established (being sour on him at this point is stupid because it takes time for a crowd to get used to a guy). Have him challenge Sheamus for the US Title and fluke himself to a title victory, then have a back-and-forth feud between Sheamus and Bo for the title that blows off with Bo winning in a heelish way, but celebrating in a "face-ish" way (you know, like he already does). He's a good heel, but you've got to make him important.

    The Adam Rose vignettes were entertaining if you were already a fan of Leo Kruger and you knew it meant he was getting a call-up to the main roster. If you had no idea who Rose or Kruger were, they meant nothing to you. They weren't compelling in any way. So, when he appeared, it was like: "uhhhhh......okay". His interactions with Swagger and Coulter haven't made him any more compelling. It's almost to the point of me saying it's time to pull back and repackage him (as Leo Kruger would be fine with me).

    The Paige vignettes were.....oh, yeah. She just appeared with no backstory, no build, no nothing. I almost forgot. And they gave her the Divas Championship from the longest-reigning Divas Champion in history. Yeah, that was a good decision. Meanwhile, she's a good wrestler and has a chance at a real future. She's got talent, charisma, a great look, and a wonderful personality, none of which have really come through since she's basically been ignored except for her "match of the week", which does nothing to really develop her character or let the fans get any closer to her.

    The problem is that we had Big E, Shield, the Wyatts all come from NXT and get a chance to get over, have their characters developed (less so in the case of Big E, who seems muted on the main roster), and showcase their abilities. And they've all been successful. What made their arrivals different was the fact that they were put into angles immediately, had roles, and were given compelling stories to tell. That hasn't happened in the cases of Dallas, Rose, or Paige (especially damning since they gave Paige the Divas Title). I wonder if HHH is focusing more on his storyline than on the product like he did when Evolution was nothing but a memory and his involvement on-screen was maybe one or two segments bashing Daniel Bryan.

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  18. Bloody love Adam Rose me. Will p!!s me right off is I have to put up with the garbage that was RAW and have no Adam Rose to watch.
  19. Adam Rose is nothing but a tool of homosexual brainwashing. How innocent, he's just a guy from England or Africa or some shit who likes to party. You like to party, don't you? They have friendly kiddy games like Hungry Hippos, and bunnies. All they want is to stop all the lemons, and turn everyone into a rosebud! 'Oi! Doh'n be uh le'mun, be uh ROSEBUD!' Sure he prances and frolics around the ring, but he's just British. British people do that, right? He'll come out and chastise his opponents, telling them to not be a "party pooper", but that's all in good fun, right?


    First of all, WHAT IS A ROSEBUD? Reliable etymological source Urban Dictionary reveals the sick truth. "The appearance of one's rectum after fisting. The internal tissue pulls out beyond the sphincter muscle. The bright red to pinkish tissue looks like a rosebud." You hear that? When Adam Rose tells you to become a rosebud, he's telling you to engage in the homosexual rite of passage ritual known as "fisting" and to prolapse your anus into a rosebud, a wide open entrance for the Devil to sodomize your soul and penetrate your body. Why does Adam Rose prance like a retarded airplane around the ring? Because he is exactly that. He doesn't want his opponents to be party poopers, because he wants to stick IT in THEIR POOPERS. Don't the kiddy games and bunny rabbits make sense? They're RECRUITING YOUR CHILDREN for homosexual rituals. It's a known fact that fags can't breed like Christians, so they must spread their sick message by luring in the children with money and bunnies and hungry hippos. And then turning them into ROSEBUDS. So the next time this "thing" calls out for all the lil boys to become rosebuds and cheer his bunny, what do you say?
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  20. LMAO. At least NXT is having WWE wrestlers on the show and incorporating them (I read the NXT business too) So hopefully the announcers include those matches as if they were Main even/SMS (if it still exists) and call it decent. There are just too many main eventers atm, and hopefully the releases help, not only for extra jobbers though. You want him on, and want to call him up? There should be a long term feud setup, and that is the main issue with WWE.

    Cesaro is hugely over, so put him vs RVD? Some of the feuds make no sense, especially when considering WWE's bland face vs heel deal. Just pick a side and go with it. If you want some grey there are a ton of people who could go with it. Hell the Fandango Layla vs Summer Rae feud doesnt have to include him, why not go guy we failed on vs his successor angle? Zeb could be stuck vs him and he could just have spotlight and later matches vs randoms the real americans go into angles. WWE's issue is the few angles take up too much TV time, and it really hurts anyone coming in who isnt a threat to the top 2 feuds.
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