Adam Rose debut

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Ed!, May 7, 2014.

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  1. Anyone else thought that Adam Rose was slightly over hyped? Every week he got a vignette. But his debut got barely anything, there was a little pop on his theme as it ended, but the crowd was relatively quiet, I know there is a small fanbase of NXT compared to RAW, Rose was very over on NXT, I think he needed a very smarky crowd for his debut to get him over. What did you think of his debut segment with Swagger

  2. Not really the best way to debut him but I'm an Adam Rose fan and think he looked like he belonged on the Main roster.
  3. Rosebud myself. He belongs there, but starting him a feud with Swagger is not the best way, guessing that after this weeks RAW, but better than pairing him with Fandango for a feud
  4. I liked his debut, but I hope they use him better next week. If he gets a fair chance I think he will be successful.

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  6. If Marine 4 wasn't busy filming I would've gone with Miz as his debut feud.
  7. I didn't really like the execution. It felt kinda awkward and people weren't that much into it, I think they should've cut to the ramp with the people already partying there, he did his entrance and then have Zeb come out or something, idk.
  8. I liked it. It's not like I was expecting it to be one of the all-time great debuts or something. It served it's purpose and it's only the first week, after all.
  9. I enjoyed his debut. But to be honest I would like to have seen him in action.
  10. Worst gimmick since Brodus Gay.
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  11. User above is a lemon
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  12. This. Annoying.
  13. I have high hopes for Adam Rose and I hope the rest of he's career won't be as much as a flop as he's debut.

    "Don't be a lemon, be a rosebud!"
  14. It was a bit underwhelming. I like Rose and think he's a terrific in-ring performer with some charisma, but he's only going to really get over with the crowd if they get to see him perform.

    A smarkier crowd might have been better on the entrance, but they also would have been harsher when there was no real action to the segment. So, a smarkier crowd would have probably ended up hurting the debut more that they would have helped.

    I'm just going to keep Bo-Lieving!

    Oh, shit, I meant that I was going to support the super-athlet.......ummm

    "We the, hell.

    I'm not going to be a lemon; I'm going to be a Rosebud!

    Yeah, that's it!

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  15. I didn't enjoy it at all.. I thought it was a very weak debut. I also do not like the gimmick or his look, at all.

    Let the hate begin!
  16. Came in to hate, but WWE packaged his first feud vs Swagger? Man I pity dude, that's an uphill battle, but at least he can do all the talking.
  17. Apparently there's a really nice female indy worker that's part of his crew now. Just for that, I'll get behind this. Welcome to the revolution!

    The segment was really random though, felt like they were setting up someone from the "Deportation List" taking him out (or maybe that's just me talking... haha), but doing random stuff may be the best way to go with the gimmick. A few weeks of "what the hell is this?" will turn into "Okay, cool, I'll play along!" Whoaaaaaaaa! Hey!

    Was wondering right afterwards if they shouldn't have had the vignettes, or just shown the flamboyant bus driving down the street or something for some bonus "what the hell?"-ness for all these random people just randomly coming out doing this random dance during a random segment. That wouldn't be lemony at all.
  18. what she a shine bitch? I saw the angle on Fandango, and I personally believe fandango has decent charisma and great ring work (MITB it if you hate) but we all hate on reused angles here.

    WWE have dudes with the same gimmicks atm but the difference is skin color, period. I haven't watched since WM so if i'm wrong let me know.
  19. I'm a fully signed up fan of Adam Rose. Seems like it will have more to give than Fandago, especially since he cant actually dance which limits the gimmick. Rose for me comes across as a joke on Russell Brand which is all good.
  20. The gimmick for both are great, it's the quality over time that is my complaint personally.

    You're from Manchestaww I'm from Wistsconseeeen
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