Spoiler Adam Rose Might Soon Become...

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  1. ...the third and newest member of the Wyatt Family:


    Seriously, I'd be down with that. I've been saying forever that it would benefit Bray Wyatt's character greatly if they actually showed him taking a normal superstar and effectively brainwashing them into his family (and I mean in a way where we witnessed the entire process, so Harper and Rowan don't count since they debuted on the main roster already alongside him.) Because so far, Bray's been mostly all talk, no walk. Seeing him actually mentally corrupt someone and bring him down to his level, ala The Joker with Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight, would be a great storyline to witness. (Now granted, Adam Rose isn't the best choice of a comparison to a highly moral character like Harvey Dent, but you get the point.)

    Plus, he also easily looks the part of a deranged lunatic stemming from his old Leo Kruger gimmick in NXT, so he'd fit in well with the rest of the family:

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  2. Meh, I'd rather it be temporary until Rowan comes back because Rose doesn't do anything for me. Either way, I agree that it would benefit Bray if he finally brainwashed someone for more than a week (Bryan).
  3. Nothing says they can't have four members. It'd be a little dull if it was just the same three guys that it was before.
  4. True, true, although I'd prefer it if Adam Rose came in and out of the group for some reason, like perhaps if they rotated a fourth member between guys who have been lost in the midcard (Rose, Ryder, Maddox) who could be quite interesting.
  5. I'm all for this idea. Kind of like what they tried to do with DB and shocked everyone. Do this with Adam rose.
  6. Sandow could join the Wyatt's as some sort of nomad who's trying to find his way, that I'd love to see. Rose > Rowan, though.
  7. Nah, I don't want Rose there. I want Rowan back, dammit!
  8. Weird little addition, should it happen.
  9. Now, we all know this is because Lockard just wants to see Naked Mideon.
  10. Rose is talented, and if this means that they give him a character with actual longevity this time then I'm up for it. Him being added would probably make The Wyatt Family dynamic interesting this time around.
  11. I always liked the leo krugger gimmick better anyway, so why not.
  12. I enjoyed Leo Kruger more than Adam Rose, so I'm good with it.

    I think this is a terrific idea.

  13. I'm interested in the transition, but i'd be down for it. Wyatt is here to stay and Harper is one talented athlete. Rose could use the push, but it's how they handle fans jeering that matters.
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  14. Exactly right.

    There are a lot of ideas out there that sound good or bad on first reflex, but it always comes down to execution of the idea. The worst-sounding idea in the world can be made great by excellent execution while the best ideas turn to crap when they're poorly executed.

    If they execute "Rose/Kruger to the Wyatts" in the right way, it'll work. If they don't, well......

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  15. I doubt they can change his name, but the Leo persona could get over, they would have to break the 4th wall IMO though and have him blame the authority and the powers that be. Outside of that the Adam Rose deal would work but I don't see it being important enough to take more than a week to keep. Bray going psychological on him would be sweet, though.

    I'm still all for Bray Harper and 2 more people TBH, I like Bray in the upper midcard, Harper wherever he is needed, and a team like the Ascension doing his bidding and having matches when he allows it.
  16. Apparently they put Rose and Maddox together as a team called "Beef Mode" and they're super sexy athletes or something stupid like that. I hope it's only for house shows... >_>

    b-b-b-b-b-b-beeeeef mooooode
  17. LOL, for real? It has 'jobbers' written all over it.

    Both guys are talented, Rose is sadly trapped in a shitty gimmick and Maddox hasn't been on TV in forever.

  18. Yep, although Rose's gimmick when he was first called up could've gone somewhere in the midcard IMO. I'm really sad that they didn't do something with Maddox's story of being stuck in that cave and going crazy, like a Green Arrow-esque vigilante character who came back crazed, to get revenge for The Authority taking him out. He's a good actor and his finisher looks pretty boss.
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  19. Nah, fuck Rose and Maddox. Gotta have those young, up-and-coming superstars, Big Show and Kane on the show!

    Hope Beef Mode doesn't end up being The Ascension 2.0, though.
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  20. Digging it!

    Why not go even further though, and have Wyatt be this all-corrupting force that no low-carder can resist? I'd love to see a PTP match end when Sandow and Bo Dallas run out wearing filthy wifebeaters and moaning like zombies
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