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  1. So this is Krueger's new persona? I don't know. I kind of find it annoying, but the entrance, the song (woooooo), and the showmanship in the ring. Rose vs Breeze anyone? I want to dislike it because I enjoyed "Krueger" damn it! Thought I saw a few remnants of him in Rose which was nice.
  2. I like the gimmick. It can be a great way for Rose to get connected with the crowd (get him over), and we get to see him wrestle like usual (hopefully, don't see why that would falter). I know that some people don't like the whole partying type of gimmick, but after seeing it this week on NXT, I'm liking it. Also, yay for that Kalisto appearance in his promo.
  3. ???
  4. Kalisto (Samuray Del Sol) appeared in Rose's promo that aired before his match.

    Was twirling a stick at his party
  5. Oh ok. Wondering who you were talking about. Thought it might've been the tall blonde he told to cheer up whatever
  6. There was some pictures floating around of the new gimmick a few months back when they tested it at a house show.
    I haven't seen it yet, does anyone know if NXT will be replaying at 11 on the WWEN? or at some point.
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  7. You can just rewatch it on your own time.
  8. I stream the WWEN bro I don't pay for it :emoji_slight_smile:
  9. Man I love the network

    And I pay for it. It's such a whore
  10. Fuck that, why not support the damn product? I know you mentioned being strapped for money, but cmon, support the people who do it. This can be used loosely sometimes, but here I think is necessary.
  11. Anyways, it will be played at midnight again, just to let you know.
  12. Kinda dealing with like $900 in credit card debt and like $1600 in medical/dental bills; all my excess money is going to that. Then after all that I need to bring my bank account back upto like $2,000 while simultaneously fixing up my truck.

    The one exclusion to all of that though is if Damien Sandow gets in a good feud or holds a title, at first notice of that I will shell out money.

    word, I think the admins uploaded it actually to the replays/on-demand section of this other site so it looks like I can watch it on my own time.
  13. Meh, I still think paying for it is better, even if in debt :> (hehe)

    Also, the site will probably get taken down sometime soon I'm imagining or something, WWE's been on a takedown spree.
  14. I was really skeptical about it when I first heard he was being repackaged, but after finally seeing it in action I would say I'm a fan of the gimmick. Hopefully they find a way to keep it fresh so he doesn't end up like Fandango.

    Also, was Sami the DJ? If so then that's pretty funny.
  15. Huh, didn't notice that
  16. Very disappointed in the NXT smarks for not burying this stupid ass gimmick. Very disappointed in WWE for turning their top developmental heel into yet another silly dancing character. Very disappointed in Rose for still wrestling like a heel.
    Overall I rate it a :finger: /10
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