Adam Rose

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Danielson, Mar 24, 2014.

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  1. Has anyone seen this guy yet? I love his gimmick, it's such a party atmosphere. I love how when he is losing, the crowd chants "party pooper" and them hum his theme song. I think this will transition very well to the "e" but he does seem like he needs some work in the ring. What do you all think?
  2. #Rejoiner
  3. yeah I thought there was a thread for him already haha.
    he's my avatar pic :emoji_wink:
    I think they changed his theme song though because they didn't secure the rights.
  4. Well no one knew how Adam Rose would turn out
  5. I liked Leo Kruger but this Adam Rose thing I like more
  6. I'd say a lot of people jumped their guns considering how many similar gimmicks we have and how poorly they're done, I really like the whole Adam Rose concept and how well it's portrayed by him though.

    And Leo Kruger wasn't a shitty gimmick at all.
  7. Yeah, I had the other Adam Rose thread going. I liked Kruger as well and wanted to dislike this gimmick, but I can't. I hope they got a theme song that was just as catchy if they have to replace it. That WOOOOO was money.
  8. Please don't clump what I think, with what everyone else thinks. Thanks pal.
  9. We need more.

    And they used his song last thursday.
  10. that was a CFO$ remix, Above Envy got on them for using the original.
  11. Adam Rose v Tyler Breeze will happen
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  12. Really, was it much different? I didn't notice but the original i linked is so good.
  13. Can't Jim Johnston just do a song that sounds kinda like his original know: a "Jimmy Hart Version"?

  14. Fans wouldn't appreciate that, and I'd imagine copyrights are much more stricter nowadays, hence wwe not taking the risk of a lawsuit.
  15. I just doubt most of the fans would really notice.

    As for copyright law, the laws themselves haven't changed. The way they're applied has, thanks mainly to the increase in the sampling of published/produced music in hip-hop. If they change enough (and what is "enough" is an open concept and argued widely in copyright courts and law school classes everywhere), the originators of the song have no grounds upon which to sue under copyright violation. That was the genius of JH when he used to do them all the time (it didn't hurt that a lot of the territories were regional at the time and a piece of music he adapted in Georgia or Tennessee might never be heard by the originators of the song who were living in L.A. or New York).

  16. As for the second part, I'll give you credit there, not much has changed, but knowing WWE they wouldn't want to risk the slightest thing. They've been too corporate lately.

    As for the fans, I think they would notice considering how on most social media they blew up over Rose's theme change.
  17. You've got me there. I have a Twitter that I don't do anything with except delete emails about what other people are re-tweeting. So, maybe the fans would notice.

  18. I use twitter and they didn't seem that bad over here, but I heard over on Facebook they exploded bout it. That and every comment section on a YouTube video for Roses old theme has comments such as "WHY DID THEY CHANGE THIS".
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  19. Oh. I don't do much wrestling stuff on FB. I use that mainly for my "cool" friends.


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  20. Define your version of cool. Please.
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