Movies Adam Sandler and Netflix agree to deal

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Oct 2, 2014.

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  1. Adam Sandler & his company, Happy Madison, have agreed to a deal with Netflix that will start the process of creating/developing 4 new movies starring the Sandman exclusively on Netflix.. I've heard some whispers about what the titles would be about and it sounds like they're mainly going to be "newer" concepts however they haven't necessarily ruled out the idea of doing a sequel to any of his other previous movies.

    Haven't read anything discussing any details of the deal other than it calls for 4 movies, so I imagine it was definitely a contract worth above like $15 million for sure.

    Personally I'm not that excited but I'm not hating either, he hasn't been great in his last couple of movies but to be honest there have been a couple good ones during the latter part of his career.


  2. I can't remember the last Sandler movie I reaalllly enjoyed, maybe it was the Longest Yard.
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  3. I'm probably in the minority here, but I always enjoy a Sandler movie. It's a chance to turn off my brain and chuckle at some sophomoric humour. If you go into them expecting poignant humour addressing society's problems then his movies aren't for you. If you want some fart and dick jokes with a little bit of corny love stories, then he's your man.
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  4. Agree.. it also might have something to do with us being old and not really giving a fuck anymore.
  5. Perhaps Kevin.........perhaps :hmmm:
  6. Not the best comedian in my opinion, but I can tolerate his movies.
  7. Well on his way to becoming the next over-appreciated, less talented Mike Myers.
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  8. Coming soon to netflix:

    Little Nicky Jr
    Grown ups 3
    Jack and Jill 2
    and The Waterman
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  9. The Grown Ups movies were pretty funny, but I know what you mean when you say REALLLLY enjoyed.
  10. I'll take anyone of those except Jack and Jill 2 and Click 2, those two sequels would BLOW
  11. I've never been much of a Adam Sandler fun. The only film of his that I've really, really enjoyed was Bulletproof, and that was more of an action film rather than just a straight-up comedy.

    On another note, Sandler being close to 50 installs some realization into just how old I've gotten. He was about the age that I am now when I saw him in a movie for the first time.
  12. I'm more of a fan of the Sandman then that but 'Bulletproof' was a solid movie, working alongside Damon Wayans made it that much better.. never understood why it got a good amount of hate from critics when it first came out but... FUCK EM!
  13. only Happy Gilmore is real
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  14. Only one man loves Adam Sandler movies, and he wrestles for TNA.
  15. reign over me, spanglish, drunk punch love ftw

    His new movie Men Women and Children looks really good
  16. People hate on Sandler. Billy Madison has like a 6.3 on imdb. To me, that's a 10/10 flipping hilarity
  17. Try the movies i suggested. I think he expands well in srs/funny roles
  18. Happy Gilmore is 7/10 and that also is a pretty solid Sandler movie.. It's mainly the critics that seem to have a problem wit him, he gets good fan reviews, even for the grownups movies which IMO were pretty decent but I have heard bad reviews from critics on them.
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