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    Welcome To My Land Of GFX!​
    Backstory and Important Info (open)
    So I dont care if you want to pay or not, Pay if you like it, Dont pay if you dont like it, Im doing this to get experience because you can only get better that way, Im not great but im sure I can provide services needed. I will not refuse or put any less effort into your request if we have issues with each other, Im not like that so if we have had issues in the past dont be afraid to request, Thankssssssss :emoji_grin:
    Waiting List (open)
    Waiting List (open)

    1. Rhod​
    2. GN​

    What Do You Sell? (open)
    Anything YOU want!
    Previous Work (open)
    Previous Work (open)


  2. Recreate these 2, to the best of your ability. There's $500k if it's close.


  3. Jonathan, I am not here to recreate things. I dont even know how to do that stuff, Im still very much a beginner.
  4. I want you to make me a signature where you include. Joey Ryan, Austin Aries, Bobby Rooooooooooo, AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels. I'll pay you 1k if I like it. If I don't I'll pay you 500. Also, could you use TNA's logo?

  5. It was more of a "challenge yourself" - the only way to improve is by challenging yourself to do the next level.

    Alrighty, PDC in the center-bg, some nice smoke covering the whole canvas. A metal effect behind him, with "Paolo Di Canio - SAFC" along the bottom in a tagline. $50k.

  6. Yeah sure, Also if you guys dont like what I made you feel free to ask for a remake free of charge.
  7. [​IMG]
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  8. I cant challenge myself if I dont know how in the hell to make it.

    I will see what I can do, Dont expect anything great.

  9. Used JPG.


  10. Google & YouTube are your friend. You can't just "pick-up" things without looking at them there, unless you're just a genius :lol1:

    Okie dokie.
  11. Kyle O reilly Sign. Would like him with the armbar locked. Ya know what i mean? Will pay a lot if I like it
  12. Sure thing
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  13. Hey Adam, I'd like to request a SHINE Wrestling themed sig when you get the chance. No rush. :emoji_slight_smile: If you can have it include four people without being too big or looking weird, I'd like for it to have Ivelisse, Saraya Knight, Jessicka Havok and Christina Von Eerie. If not, then maybe just try to include the first three. :emoji_slight_smile: Thanks so much!
  14. Np, Will try and not make it crowded :emoji_slight_smile:
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  15. Also guys this isn't required but if you use my stuff a shoutout in your sig would be very appreciated :emoji_slight_smile:
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  16. Sure thing.
  17. Rhod I have an issue with your sig, I can't find a pic of Kyle doing an armbar, I will continue to look but its just a heads up.
  18. GrammarNazi82 I hate when these kind of things happen, For some weird reason theres no Jessicka Havok render, Any replacement?

  19. You might get some shot from there. If not, just feel free to do it your way.

  20. Put a size 6-8 watermark with your name in a corner?
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