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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Star Lord, Aug 15, 2013.

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  1. I will be posting PPV reviews past and present.

    First up is WWE Payback 2013

    Damien Sandow Vs Sheamus (Pre-Show): *** Not that bad tbh, Sheamus going over of course.

    Curtis Axel Vs Wade Barrett Vs The Miz: *** Good match, Miz did well despite his lack of skill, Axel going over was awesome and the ending was good.

    Kaitlyn Vs AJ Lee: **** Best Divas match since Stratus Vs Lita, Great match for Divas standards.

    Dean Ambrose Vs Kane: *** 1/2* Nice brawling match, Quite enjoyed it, Shit ending brought it down.

    Alberto Del Rio Vs Dolph Ziggler *****: Great match, Just great. Was pissed Ziggler lost but still a great match.

    CM Punk Vs Chris Jericho **** 1/2*: Another really good match.

    The Shield Vs Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton **** 1/2: Really enjoyed this one and showed off these guys talents.

    Main Event: Ryback Vs John Cena 3 stages of hell match: ** boring. Just fucking boring.

    Overall: **** 1/2*. One boring match, A solid undercard and the Main Events stealing the show has made this the best PPV of the year so far.

    MOTN: Ziggler Vs Del Rio.
  2. One liners? And The Miz doesn't exactly lack skill... sure he's not great but he's not bad.
    Stop capitalising the first letter after a comma FFS :mad:
  3. Haha, I will make a more detailed review next PPV if you want.
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