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  1. If life is a big, long lesson, what are we regretting? True knowledge comes from learning, both the accomplishments that push us forward and the mistakes we learn to correct the second time around. What if we don't learn to correct those mistakes? What if the “lesson” we thought we learned, we choose to ignore? Have we really learned anything other than adaption? Adapting to the same feelings & emotions, the same thoughts & actions, the same time lapse over & over. So few really think about their life patterns. The way we adapt to certain circumstances because we choose not to learn anymore. We choose to stay exactly where we are in our lives, & in our minds. It is said most men fear change. Is this simply because we have grown accustom to accepting certain circumstances?
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  4. Do you want to summarise your questions? Some of them seem rhetorical and some don't, and I have no idea which. Is the question based on humans doing nothing else but adapting? If so, that's not the case, as some of the choices we make - not based on adapting - will lead us into adapting.
  5. I like change.
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  13. Hey! I'm a man and I don't fear changes. I actually enjoy them. If you don't change anything in your life you won't enjoy living. Routines sometimes are good, but the best things in life come when you change something you dislike. That's my opinion, you can agree or disagree but that's my way to live.
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