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*A special video promo package for the Sparks World title match plays on the titan-tron. The video highlights Christina Morgan from her debut to her Sparks World title match tonight at Viewer’s choice. Over the video the song Silver End Addicted plays*

*The video starts with Christina sat with her hooded jacket down*

Christina: November Thirty 2016, that was the day, I Christina Morgan made my Ignition debut. The day, where the Sparks division in this company was born. The day everyone had no choice, but to notice this division and more importantly me. I have been here for just over four months and in that time so much has changed.

*The video plays clips of Christina in her old appearance in matches with Lilith Young and Vanessa York*

Christina: Once I was unbreakable. Not so long ago, I had such hope and happiness of even being in Ignition. I mean who would not? This is the biggest stage, I have ever wrestled on. Sadly, that happiness and hope …. Died.

*The video plays her lost to Vanessa York to crown the first Sparks World Champion*

Christina: Then the Tenth of December happened. The day that changed everything for me. No longer was I that happy, hopefully, likeable underdog of this division. On that day, I became its darkness evil. Gone was that Christina and in her place, was me. The complete other side of the coin, the pure evil to core woman sat in this chair now.

*Clips of Christina being screwed by Terra Nova at Winter Wonderland*

Christina: Oh, Winter Wonderland, how could I forget you? That was sarcasm, I have never forgot that. Terra, Terra, what did you do my dear?

Christina: Congrats, between you and Vanessa, you have both not only brought my blood to the boiling point. But, what I am now is because of both of you. You did this to me. So, the suffering tonight at Viewer’s choice, it’s on both of your hands. But, I almost forget you Lilith. I am sorry, so sorry. Ms Young, but those who stand against me for that championship, are already my enemies. The respect you and I once had has gone from my side. Get in my way, the same will happen to you too.

Christina: Ah, I can already feel my championship in my hands already. Ladies, fate has dealt you all a very bad hand. Mine however, well works beautifully. I can hit you all with weapons, put my foot against your throats with nobody stopping me and best of all a ring is not even needed for me to win. March Twenty Fifth 2017, will be Christina Morgan’s long overdue coronation. Soon me and my precious will be together at last. For I shall be the Sparks World champion, no matter what sweet evil deed needs to be done.

*Christina stands and pulls down her jacket hood down, to show a wicked smile on her face. As the video slowly cuts, you can hear Christina silently laughing*

*After the video package, the titan-tron shows Christina walking backstage towards her match up next at Viewer’s choice*

Mentions: @Emo, @Hybrid, @impactking

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