Adding a new singles title

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by GoodGuySteve, Sep 27, 2015.

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  1. This roster is loaded. Not by just a number stand point, also, from top to bottom talent throughout. Adding another singles title would be nothing but a positive for this company. From what I read when they unified the titles is that "they" wanted a more traditional World Title. Which makes total sense. That left a huge hole for RAW, Smackdown, and Specials(PPVs). Not to mention you have this loaded roster going after 3 titles.

    Some ideas could be a "TV Title". Worked well in other companies during the Cable Era. I t would be HUGE in WWE since they have 5 hours of cable programming to fill per week.

    A "Network title" may be too one dimensional. Its sorta brings up relation to the Internet Title Ryder made. Only defended on Network Specials.

    North American title would be cool. It would be a mid card title. I think thats a good thing. It gives the WWE and fans to see if newer wrestlers showcase how they handle being a title holder.

    I think they should get rid of the King of The Ring as a tournament and make it into a title. It HAS to be defended every Special. It can still be a big deal even though it won't be the same as winning a tournament but it can help bridge the nostalgia of the Old King of the Ring and the new King of the Ring..

    Please post some ideas..or if you disagree
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  2. I've always wanted to see a lightweight tonight, for wrestlers below 220lbs. TNA did an awesome job with X-Division, I'm sure WWE could do the same.
    TV Title sounds good also, would need a better name though.
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  3. I like that idea. I think it may be down the road. Vince isn't a fan of cruiser weights. I think HHH is open to it.
  4. A part of me has been saying for sometime that wrestling has faded so far out of the picture and has basically merged with entertainment.
    For this reason, it would seem creating an 'entertainment' title might be in order.
    The idea would be that the Divas title would be for commercial use (i.e. promoting TV, doing commercials. social media, movie cameos)
    The women's championship would deliver a better in ring product.
    This distinguishment would play itself on television as such.
    I'm not necessarily for this idea, but this is a discussion and WWE is leaning in this direction, possibly moreso than a cruiserweight division.

    My proposal might even extend toward the IC/U.S division as well. Wrestling has changed so much that the drama/entertainment aspect has taken a life of its own.

    Edit: This isn't a new concept, but the PC nature of the WWE demands characters that can be promoted worldwide and bring money based on their personality, rather than their ringwork.
    I wouldn't extend concept toward the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. I don't love this idea but this business is kind of headed in that type of direction.
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  5. I dont disagree with what you are saying. I feel like Vince is the one who is taking it in that direction. PC is one thing. You can never do, again, what was done in the Attitude Era and before that. I think once Triple H and Steph get real control that some edge will return. How much and how certain? Look at some things that happened in NXT.
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  6. WWE is PC for a very large number of reasons, most of which are very good reasons.
    Whether adult males appreciate this has been made obvious particularly the past two years.
    The irony of Daniel Bryan's ascension is he isn't any more edgy than John Cena could ever be.
    Bryan could be edgier, but that's the last thing they want from a guy who's career and stature resemble Chris Benoit in so many ways.
    The edge will return once society is ready for it and WWE can configure a profitable business behind it.

    I'd also be re-missed if I didn't mention that 'entertainment' titles could be competed over (among other things) by the number of twitter followers , number of facebook friends or youtube hits/subscribers one has.
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  7. Just going to go out on an unpopular limb here. Personally i've always been a fan of mixed tag team matches, and so i would like to see something like that happen. Make the divisions interact more without violating their new policy regarding intergender matches.
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  8. I dislike them but Im not saying your idea is bad or wrong. Its hard now in this age to have any kind of "male on female" violence. Even if its pro wrestling I think it would be hammered by media.
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  9. I'm fine with the amount of titles in WWE currently, It seems whenever someone has a title they become somewhat irrelevant, and it hurts the prestige of the title as well, mostly mid-card titles. Unless WWE starts using the titles and mid-card division properly, bringing in more titles might be a mistake.
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  10. no... no... no... no... no no no no no no no no no no no no no... no :downer:
  11. Something akin to the X-Division title, would be good. A title meant for a certain style, not a weight limit. But then again 75% of all moves in wrestling, are banned in the WWE. It might not work so well. But a new title isn't a good idea all together. WWE has two titles who are far from reaching their full potential, and to have another title to take another chip away from that. It would be a horrible move in a time when rebuilding the titles are crucial.
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  12. I'd rather they start using the titles they have well. But the problem rests in the entire creative process rather than in the belts themselves.
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  13. There's no need for new singles titles right now, IMO. They should focus on booking the ones they have better.
  14. One of the last things the product needs right now in my opinion is MORE titles. They already have the perfect balance of championships with one world title, two midcard titles, one set of tag team titles, and a women's title... No need to add any more, just put a more concentrated effort into booking what you've already got.
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  15. I agree that adding more titles won't help any. They need better stories and booking.
  16. I think they're at the perfect amount of titles right now. Adding more titles would kinda be odd, since they're suppose to make the superstar look like the top dog. Adding more, kinda devalues the rest of them in my opinion. That being said, I kinda wish they would retire the United States championship, and replace it with the Light Heavyweight championship. Would prefer it, than having two midcard championships.
  17. I'd love to see the cruiserweight title return one day. There's a few people in the roster who it would work with. Neville is a perfect example. The smaller high flyers. I'm a strong believer in deepening the roster, so bring in a handful of smaller guys to fight it out and heck even a couple more heavyweights too for the hw title
  18. Only problem is it gives Vince and co an excuse to not book smaller guys that get over outside of their weight division. The problem that WCW faced when they did not push guys like Jericho upwards in the cards because they were "cruiserweights" and could only be cruiserweights
  19. Well I suppose that's true. Couldn't they also compete for u.s. and intercontinental aswell though?
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