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  1. We get a lot of users posting news from, which is great and all but it often generates double posting (users posting it before etc) since it's the most popular place to get the latest "news".

    So I thought I'd make things easier by having it all automatic - this means all the latest articles will be posted by a bot here which I can name whatever I want (most likely WWE.COM) and then we can comment or ignore the articles the bot posts, depending on how interesting they are. It will have its own section.

    If it for some reason results in less activity then I'll remove them of course and simply junk that section, I'm adding it mainly for convenience. Also, it might be quite fun bullying a bot, we can see who can come up with the most witty replies.

    Edit: As for "when are we going to see it?", well, as soon as I know it works :emoji_slight_smile:.

    Edit 2:

    There it is!
  2. That's pretty sweet.

    You going to do this with dirtsheets too? Like pwinsider or wrestlezone?
  3. When are we going to see it?
  4. So when are we going to see it?
  5. That'd be nice. Hope it works out with no trouble.
  6. Edited for the newbs who asked "When are we going to see it?".

    Had to make a few edits, I can see it now, just waiting for the next article to come up, if it posts it, I'll make it available for all.
  7. We posted after that edit.

    we are funny guys you see.
  8. Implying I care enough to read times of posts.

    Feed works - but it doesn't copy & paste the article, it gives you a title and links the article like so:

  9. Needs a better name. Try shitty kayfabe news.
  10. You're mad because the bot already has more swag than you.
  11. :haha: It's not even a registered member, it's a lurker fag.
  12. #Jelly

    You think the feed should have a section like it has now:


    Or a sub-forum in "General WWE"?
  13. Probably best sticking to a subforum, I can't see it getting enough interest to need it's own section.
  14. You're right. Done. Making it public now. We'll see how this bad boy goes.
  15. I agree with this. ShittyKayfabeNews is much better
  16. AssLicker works as well. is weak though
  17. Why is there someone impersonating me? :trolldance:
  18. It appears to be repeating itself Crayo. People are comparing it to Jeebak
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