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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Saylor, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. I've been surfing through the forum and I've read posts/threads around the forum and I've pretty much loved the amount of quality WWE related discussions that are taking place, so I decided to registered up.

    I've got a little suggestion which would be an amazing addition to the forum and that's adding a forum to the World Wrestling Entertainment section and that's called "Be the Booker" basically what happens here is you become the writer and you post up your different ideas, different matches and different storylines you'd like to see taking place in the WWE, from there people can comment and share your thoughts on what possible things you'd like to see in the future, this would help the community share what they'd like to see in the WWE.

    I hope that this suggestion get's approved as this is something that could be a big aspect of the forum, if you come to think of it. I've got methods on how to expand it later on, but that's if this does get approved and if it actually works out, which I positively think it would.

    What's your thoughts, opinions and ideas regarding this suggestion?
  2. Firstly, welcome to the forum, glad you decided to sign up :smile: As for the suggestion, it's definitely a section which I am planning to add soon because it's always great posting/reading ideas on how to improve WWE especially, and it's something that people enjoy to do. At the moment though we post those discussions in the relevant sections. For example, there's been a few threads on how you'd book let's say RAW, people post it in the RAW section. Same goes for SmackDown, or if you're talking about WWE as a whole then it'd go in the "General WWE" section.

    The reason why I'm always sceptical about adding new sections on a new forum straight away is the lack of content. I like to build up the content in the other sections, and when the content keeps coming for that specific subject I think "it's time to have its own section now" and add it. That way you know for sure that the section will be active.

    I'll let you into a secret though. I'm planning on having the eventual "be the booker" section have a little bit of fun added to it. Going to have it so once a week you predict the matches and/or results of the up and coming SmackDown, RAW, PPV's etc and if you get let's say more than 3 results/match card predictions right then you get special forum prizes :emoji_slight_smile:. The idea isn't finalized yet, probably add/remove some things to it.

    Will leave this open for discussion though, I'm predicting many of the members here will like this suggestion.
  3. I fully understand where your coming from on the it's time to have it's own section now, that's totally understandable and any wise forum owner would do that and wouldn't add many sections straight away, that right there is good ownership. I don't mind waiting for it to be added as I'm sure circulating more posts of that certain topic before a section has been added would definitely give that section a boost when it's added and by then, we'd have more of a fan base.

    Moving on to your idea, I think that's an idea that can be well implemented if we've got enough users that are willing to stick at it and actually do it, as it's a little fun and it get's the community together, on top of that if you win, you get a forum prize! That's a great method in getting the community involved and participate in different thing the site has to offer.
  4. Glad you're on board :emoji_slight_smile:. Yeah, it's a simple process of just moving all the threads with "be the booker" type content into that section, so it has at least 200-500 posts already in that section when it's made.

    Also, this community is very enthusiastic so I'm pretty sure the competition would be popular :emoji_slight_smile:. Our members do love winning :lol:. Thanks for replying, glad you understand; and glad to have you on the site :smile:.

    Completely off-topic, I like to ask new members where they found the site, where did you? Unless you want to make an introduction post in The Ramp and save your road to WF there :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.