ADR Botch at EC

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Baraa, Feb 19, 2013.

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  1. Well...I'm surprised that it's not being talked about here tbh.

    I like ADR alot since his face turn but that botch was terrible and funny in the same time, it was even worse than Sin Cara's botches...
  2. Of course it wasn't. ADR slipped on the ropes.
  3. But it is still a botch :pity:
  4. Everyone has a bad day. It happens
  5. One botch is reaaally different from Sin Cara. And there's actually some relevant stuff to complain about at this moment, so it was overlooked.
  6. I can't remember seeing Cara botches a move this bad, although we don't see ADR botches as frequently as Cara who botches almost every time he is in the ring :jeritroll:
  7. Roman Reigns was worse, so fucking botchy in his match.
  8. I noticed timing issues twice but aside from that I thought he did a pretty good job tbh. People will leave that match remembering his two awesome spears.
  9. Yeah, that's true.
  10. That's the thing, Del Rio botched once, everyone botches from time to time. When you can't work, that's a problem.
  11. Every one fucks up from time to time.
  12. You don't remember seeing it because WWE never showed it. The majority of Cara's matches have been on highly edited Smackdown. There was a botch at MITB with Ziggler that was way worse than Del Rio's miss
  13. he would of done that move hundreds of time of course he isnt gunna get it everytime just a shame that it happened to be at a ppv not a house show
  14. This, he went right back to it and it took all of 2 extra seconds.

  15. Rio botched twice.

    Look at that armbar (the last one)... Show's arm is completly bended :facepalm1:
  16. You mean the one where Dolph fell?


    Cara isn't that crisp in the E but that one wasn't his fault.

    Anyway ADR botches so what? I kind of dig guys botching, making wrestling seem a bit "realer" for me.
  17. You mean the one where Show tapped out? Looks alright to me.
  18. If it was Ryback Or cena we would be going nuts. ADR is good though, can't hate.
  19. As most of the users on here have said, it happens. Maybe not as much as Botch Cara but yeah, he made a mistake, he's only human.
  20. Del Rio is normally pretty reliable in the ring, so he's allowed to botch without us complaining (hence why no thread). However, it was an unfortunate botch. It kinda ruined the ending of the match for quite a few of us and halted the momentum, but he recovered admirably.
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