ADR moved to SmackDown

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Apr 20, 2012.

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  1. So much for WWE draft.
  2. I did not see anything of that when I watched SD earlier today. Though I skipped most of ADR and Shows snoozefest.
  3. Good he needs a bit of work on the lesser brand before he's ready for Raw.
  4. Who's ADR?

    I know the talent in Ricardo! :emoji_slight_smile:
  5. He never should have been moved to Raw in the first place. Him on Smackdown was working, and at the time there was nothing to do with him on Raw... But now he's back on Smackdown where, when Wade and Christian get healthy, there are way too many heels on that show. Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry, Cody Rhodes, Alberto Del Rio, Drew Mcintyre... How will ADR stand out? Especially with the Raw guys stealing so much time...

    Either hold the draft now, hold it soon, or turn some of these guys face (Daniel Bryan and Drew).
  6. It's good that Del Rio came back, his Raw run was very boring and a complete flop. I can't see I didn't see it coming, kinda assumed they would do it since he was touring with SD and not Raw.

    However, the heel thing is not only a SD problem, the entire WWE is packed with heels, SD being even worse. Turning DB, Christian and possibly McIntyre (if they worked on getting him over before the turn) face would help indeed.
  7. It's not Heels and Faces that's the problem it's crap ideas and storylines.

    ADR is a talented guy but this whole rich aristocrat crap is boring and doesn't let him flex his character!

    Heel and Face is dead to a point D-Bry heel cheered Cena face booed so fuck that garbage lets get some feuds and talent that we as fans know theses guys have shown.
  8. Del Rio's character is the thing that kills him, the destiny shit and his "I'm a rich guy" thing are extremely boring and get no crowd reaction, as everyone knows, Ricardo probably gets more of a reaction than he does. And yes, storylines and feuds are simply crap this days, if it got better people would be interested. In 2010 it was Nexus and 2011 the Punk/HHH in power thing, what will the storyline that gets everyone's attention at first but gets dull because creative are a bunch of idiots and after some time ends up as a match on TLC no one gives a shit about (CenavBarrett/HHHvNash) be?
  9. I'm predicting Wade to return and just be a RAW superstar. I think the summer story-line will be his.
  10. I agree @[Crayo] fully feel that this is going to be the summer of Wade as the guy is getting over or is over but a good summer feud will make him a big star and much deserved as he has come on a lot and is one of my faves to see on a mic.
  11. Seriously what is the point in the draft
  12. Aint one with regards the Supershow format unless they change it up.
  13. If he's happy and motivated, then Im glad 4 him
  14. Kia's happy as long as everyone is happy :otunga:
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