ADR or Sheamus?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Jul 15, 2012.

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  1. ADR

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  2. Sheamus

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  1. Who do you want to win and why? I made the same thread for Punk/Bryan so I thought I'd do one here.
  2. is neither an option?


    i voted for ADR. not a fan of either of them but id prefer ADR over super sheamus. at least del rio has character potential.. because of the being rich thing
  3. On the fence.
  4. Voted for ADR. So much more entertaining than Sheamful.
  5. Sorry thought this was a who'd you think will win thread, make that 3-0 to Berto.
  6. ADR is so much more entertaining so defo him.
  7. ADR has a good gimmick with the rich Mexican sellout thing. And it's about time we have a heel champion, so Alberto DDDDEEEELLLLLL RRRRRIIIIIOOOOOOOO
    plus I wanna see what cars he comes out in when he wins.
  8. Sheamus sucks I voted for alberto del rio
  9. ADR is awesome and Sheamus in his current state is the opposite of that.

    ADR by a mile. His segments were some of the only entertaining parts of SD when I finally watched an ep this week.
  10. I have voted for ADR, while I am not a big lover of ADR yet, I think maybe having a stint with the title might bring out some good storylines with him, in regards to using his money to keep the title and so on, if they do something like that I might come around to liking the guy.
  11. Never seen so much ADR love in my life.
  12. You just compared him to current Sheamus dude.
  13. Who happens to be from Dublin :facepalm1::haha:
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