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  1. Now that he has turn face , what is going to be adr role at WM?
  2. Alberto Del Rio probably compete in a "MITB" match if they do go with this, this WrestleMania. Alberto Del Rio vs Christian vs Shelton Benjamin, etc.
  3. vs Ziggler :fap:
  4. For the whc?
  5. If Show is still champ I can see ADR vs Show for the WHC, with Dolph cashing in. That sets up ADR/Ziggler for a post WM feud.
  6. But then where does ryback fits at wm ? shit the wwe is just a mindfucker
  7. Yup :fap:
  8. Ryback/Lesnar still sounds great to me.
  9. Mark Henry.
  10. More heels ? I mean , did u realise that the 4 champs are heels ( not considering hell no ~ twenners) so.. Why would u like to bring another one ?
  11. The Diva's title has no relevancy to this as that's a woman's title which isn't considered a major title. Wade Barrett only just defeated Kofi Kingston (a face) for the Intercontinental Championship, CM Punk will most likely lose against The Rock (a face), Antonio Cesaro will remain United States Champion until further news, The Big Show will still remain World Heavyweight Champion and most likely will lose it at WrestleMania.

    Mark Henry isn't a champion. He's been the most interesting dominant heel since ages. Ryback can win against Mark Henry to further evolve his character and to get him over. Logically speaking it makes complete sense.
  12. I don't think that wade Barrett will lose the title soon , and whenever he loses it , then he will be ready for the main scene ,
    Are u sure that cm punk will drop the title ? Really? It seems logical , but we watch te wwe cuz it surprises us , did u expect the shield to show up in ss or Maddox in HiAC ? Cuz I didn't . And I don't mean only the champs , the shield , Rhodes , Sandow , dz(future whc) , big e Langston , big show , Barrett , cesaro .... Vs cena , sheamus , the miz... Oh wait and the great khali :maybe:
  13. Having some difficulty predicting this WM except for the three big matches. Unsure about what role ADR and so many others will play.
  14. ADR will most probably be put on some stupid mid card feud that no one will care about...

    Show will face Ryback for the title...
  15. ADR vs Santa in a car match.
  16. LOL ADR is a face now :adr:

    He can't face Santa, unless of course a....HEEL :SHOCK: :REGAL: :GOATFACE:
  17. Heel Santa know he rapes people hahaha :shock:
  18. Cena and all the kids will be like :shock: :upset:
  19. Cena / Santa backstage segment :
    $ hey cena I have an ice cream in the locker room , would u like it ?
    € SANTAAAAA yeah it would be great ! Thanks Santa!
    $Mother of god , it's to hot here , I will take my pants off , u should do the same
    €As u wish Santa I'm yours
    $ now come here and show me everything u have , I will give u more presents for Xmas if u take your clothes of ...
    The door closes , and there's weird noises inside the locker room
    Children all over the world commit suicide
  20. Re: RE: ADR ROLE AT WM ?

    Santa raping Cena would scar me more than most kids....
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